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NY Post: “DC Already Fed Up With MTV Filming “

by Borderstan.com July 7, 2009 at 5:36 pm 1,050 10 Comments

And I am still wondering about his herb garden on the 20th Street NW side of the RWDC house. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

I’m still wondering if the RWDC cast s going to use this herb garden on the 20th Street side of the house. Romance in the rosemary? Peevishness in the parsley? Boo-hoo fits in the basil? Meltdowns in the mint? (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

Seriously, what we would do without The New York Post? I did wonder how “The Real World: DC” would go over here. Looks like the whole thing is off and running–the cast, the production crews, the filming, the local reaction from neighbors, nightspots, D.C. bloggers and media. El mierdero is underway. Woo-hoo!

From today’s New York Post:

THE Real World” has descended on Washington, DC — and the locals are peeved. In fact, a whole blog, the Anti-Real World DC, has been set up to chronicle just how irritating filming on the 23rd iteration of MTV‘s pioneering reality series has been for residents of historic, upscale Dupont Circle.And it’s only been six days since filming commenced.

  • Get a Life

    My God – when will people get some perspective on all this and let the RW be?! Stop acting like children, claiming you are “anti” RW while at the same time stalking the house and its residents, and giving the District a bad name. These are KIDS – let them be kids! I am no fan of the show, but wish the the foolishness would end. Tracy Sherman – get a life!

  • BackfromBoulder

    I agree…someone’s ass cheeks are just clenched a wee bit too tight. Lighten up people!

  • for real

    Seriously, let them be. I think the city is big enough for a few kids and cameramen to be allowed to live in it without so many issues. I hate the show.. which is why I don’t go near the house or pay much attention to crazy bloggers and stalkers. If you don’t like it, stay away. Otherwise, leave them in peace.

  • hypocrites

    I totally agree! These “anti-real world” bloggers/tweeters are becoming obsessive! Leave these kids alone, they’re not celebrities. It’s clear the anti-real world is not so “anti” but more “pro” and overly excited about this whole thing, more so then anyone else. Let the kids make their silly show in peace! This could actually be a positive light on DC for younger generations who watch MTV, these bloggers are going to drive the cast away and cause them to speak poorly about this city that we all love so much.

  • DC_Native

    You’ve got to be kidding me! These anti-real world people are way too sensitive. The kids have been in town for less than a week and they’re already complaining? It’s not like that part of the city is some quiet suburb to begin with. If anything, this should be the most exciting turn of events for all the neighbors. And what ever you may think of the show, it’s definitiely a positive for the city and long over due!

    More importantly, why did Real World take so long to come to DC? Did you see the list of cities they picked prior to DC? Not too many places I’d ever visit.

  • Kalex

    I don’t think the anti-real world people have a problem with the “kids”… their issue is with the camera crews and security that have been jerks to everyone.

  • more to do

    There are 1000 things to see and do in DC, it’s one of the most exciting cities in the country, much less world.. so much to do, see and blog about. I guess I don’t understand why these “anti” real world bloggers are so concerned with hanging out on 20th & S, or the security that surrounds this house (leave the entire block alone people)… pretty sure they will leave you alone if you leave them alone. I’m thinking these bloggers should look into the many other options this city holds (like Borderstan demonstrates).

  • Get a Life

    1) bright lights – NOT. the street lights on this corner are the same they have always been. the lights on the house point onto the RW house and no where near any others.

    2) a hot tub for drunk hook-ups: jealous much? let them be kids! or were you born 70 years old?!

    3) i DO live near the house, classact1981. right across the street, in fact! did you really expect to hear crickets at night when you moved to downtown dc?! i could care less that they are in my neighborhood.

    here is an idea – instead of endlessly bitching about the RW – mentor a kid, feed the homeless. DC has a lot bigger issues to deal with. wait….those actually take thought and something more than mindless blog bitching!


  • @GetALife we’d imagine if you did live across the street, you’d either be able to commiserate or understand what Tracy and Berg are going through, and what some of us in DC have to live everyday.

    Fact of the matter is, Tracy and Berg HAVE a life, which is why they started their blog, and why we (their friends and fellow contributors) are helping them with the project.

    The internet is vast. If you don’t like our blog, just don’t read it. We don’t come and plalce judgements on your blog via comments. That’s the great thing about the internet. There’s room for everyone.

  • more to do

    I also live in the neighborhood, not across the street but 2 blocks away. I have no doubt the bright lights and new crowded streets have become annoying to the everyday resident (of course it would be)… however, at this point i truely believe it’s become a full cycle, those who heckle at the cast/crew, who blog “anti RW” have caused more media attention and become more annoying to me, then the actual house itself! I’m so confused by these people who spend 10+ hrs a week trying to get in the house.. if I noticed someone sitting outside my house day after day, yelling at me, calling me names, I would NOT let you in my house, and I would call security! Maybe their security guards could lighten up, maybe their just doing their job.. why find out, why taught them? Leave it alone. Until this thing is over walk on the other side of the street, or pick a new street to walk down to get home. I no longer jog down S street, I jog on R street. As residents of this neighborhood I think we should be the better resident, grit our teeth, and bare it in hopes this whole situation will cast a positive light on DC, will entourage younger generations to visit/move to the city, boost the dc real estate/economy again and make that age old difference in Washington! It is what it is.. stop complaining and deal with.


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