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Dog Park Update: The Grass is Always Greener When It’s Artificial

by Borderstan.com July 15, 2009 at 2:12 pm 1,678 7 Comments

Dog Park at 17th & S Street, NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

The city appears to be close to finishing the dog park at 17th & S Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

Dog Park on 17th & S Street, NW.(Photo:Luis Gomez)

Artificial turf went down at the new dog park at 17th & S Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

The city dog park under construction at 17th-S-New Hampshire NW seems to be almost ready. Today I watched them put down some very green material that is some sort of artificial turf (think AstroTurf). The workers unrolled the sheets-of-green and then stapled it down. There is even an artificial hill in the center of the park.

After delays due to the heavy May and June rains, a great deal of work has been done in the past week–although I didn’t see an opening date posted on the location today.

I have to ask… What will dog pee do to artificial turf? Will it be easy to pick up dog-doo? Will the turf be hosed down with detergent periodically?

I have to say, though, that artificial turf sounds better than the sharp, dusty rock chips in the Shaw Dog Park at 11th and R NW. Lupe often comes home with banged up feet from that surface.

  • Katie

    I asked someone working there today and he said the AstroTurf will be finished tomorrow, then all that’s left is landscaping around the perimeter. If there are no more delays, they think it will be ready in 3 weeks. Of course, I’m sure there will be more delays.

  • Craig

    It’s a special form of field turf specially designed for dogs. I’m sure it will wash away in the rain the same way it does with real grass.

  • Where do the humans get to play in this neighborhood? I’m pro k-9, but this is an eye-sore and looks nothing like the artist renderings that were posted on the construction fences.

  • bryandc

    there’s 2 parks at this site: the dog park at S Street and the other park at T Street.

    the artificial turf is actually specially designed for use at dog parks:

    “The artificial grass being used for the dog park is K9Grass, which is the only artificial grass designed specifically for dogs. The grass drains well, is able to withstand wear and tear, is easy to maintain, and the knitted structure of K9Grass helps wick away urine for a cleaner facility and a cleaner dog. In addition, the grass blades are coated with an antimicrobial product which helps fight odors and creates a safer, cleaner environment for the dogs.”

    Press Release

    Project Page:

  • Tim

    Is the hill really staying? I assumed it was going to settle and shrink over time. I’m not a fan yet, but maybe it will grow on me.

    Also, I live directly across from this park, and can personally verify that the heavy rains are not what caused the delays. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I almost never saw the construction workers doing any actual work. Always standing around. Always smoking. Always drinking coffee. Never doing work.

    I know, I know…this is the stereotype of public works projects…but it was astounding how true it’s been in this instance.

  • Beth

    The hill may be related to making sure that everything drains well at the park…?

    And yes, it is in the dog park rules that they must be hosed down regularly, except when the temperature is below freezing.

  • Jessica

    Agreed that the delay was partly because of the spring rain, but there are were a large percentage of days since the park was closed for construction when workers were standing around with their thumbs up their butts.

    This park has been closed for 6 months, and with the speed they have been working for the past 4 weeks, this could have been a 2 months project. But no…

    and there is no notification to the neighbors of when it will actually be open. With the rain expected this week, I’m sure the thumb up the butt doing nothingness will return…

    my poor dog!


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