“K9Grass” is the Bright Green Stuff at the New Dog Park

by Borderstan.com July 17, 2009 at 4:52 am 3,160 6 Comments

Will K9 Grass pass the Lupe test? She's picky about her turf. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

Will K9 Grass pass the Lupe test? She’s picky about her turf. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

“Thanks” to commenter on Wednesday’s “Dog Park Update: The Grass is Always Greener When It’s Artificial,” for pointing us to the February 10 news release on the dog park at 17th-S-New Hampshire NW… the shiny-grass like-green stuff that went down this week is K9 Grass.

I have faith it will be good and work well. After all, this is America and we do the fake stuff well. I visited the K9 Grass Web site and learned that it comes in three varieties: Domestic, Lite and Classic. (Choice is a birthright to Americans.) I also learned that K9 Grass is made up of Polyethylene monofilament and Nylon. My guess is that we’re getting the Classic type because it is “the original pet-friendly grass. Durable, drainable, and antimicrobial.”

This may be more than you wanted to know, but we live in DupontLogan… where dogs are substitute children for many of us.

From the DC Department of Parks and Recreation:


The S Street dog park will feature artificial grass designed specifically for dogs, historic ornamental fencing, entrances on both New Hampshire Avenue and 17th Street, a community bulletin board, seating area, a water fountain for dogs, and preservation of the existing cherry trees.  In addition to the dog park area, a new plaza will be constructed at the corner of S Street and New Hampshire Avenue.

The artificial grass being used for the dog park is K9Grass, which is the only artificial grass designed specifically for dogs.  The grass drains well, is able to withstand wear and tear, is easy to maintain, and the knitted structure of K9Grass helps wick away urine for a cleaner facility and a cleaner dog. In addition, the grass blades are coated with an antimicrobial product which helps fight odors and creates a safer, cleaner environment for the dogs.


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