Opinion Poll: Texas Secession from the Union

by Borderstan.com August 29, 2009 at 3:00 pm 1,350 1 Comment

Texas uses the tagline, "Texas: It's like a whole other country," to promote tourism. (Image: State of Texas Website.)

Texas uses the tagline, “Texas: It’s like a whole other country,” to promote tourism. (Image: State of Texas Website.)

An organization called the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is working to convince Texans to declare independence from the United States. The group’s Mission: The Texas Nationalist Movement exists to secure and protect the political, cultural and economic independence of the nation of Texas and to restore and protect a constitutional Republic and the inherent rights of the people of Texas.

TNM is asking Texans to sign a petition to demand that the Governor and Legislature of Texas conduct a referendum on whether Texas should again become a sovereign and independent nation. The group also says that the Texas state constitution of 1876, which Congress approved, gives Texas the right to secede.

For those of you who don’t know your U.S. history, Texas was an independent republic, 1836-1845–after fighting to separate from Mexico and before joining the Union.

What’s your opinion on the desire of some Texans to secede from the United States?

  • Danny Parks

    When the question is asked ‘Doe Texas have the right to leave the U.S?,’ the real issue is ‘Do people have the right to rule themselves?’ Nations are made of people. If one group of people decides it don’t want to live in a nation with another group, it has the right to leave. However, if the other group doesn’t want it to leave, and this other group is stronger and ready to fight about the matter, the ‘unsociable’ group might as well forget it.
    Collectively the 49 are stronger than Texas, and they are ready to fight to keep us. We might as well relax and stay.


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