Brick Sidewalk Project Underway on Corcoran Street

by Borderstan.com September 17, 2009 at 8:00 am 15 Comments

The Corcroan Street sidewalk project got underway Wednesday morning. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

15th & Corcoran Sts. NW: The Corcroan Street sidewalk project got underway Wednesday morning. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

The DC Department of Transportation (DDoT) began the Corcoran Street NW sidewalk replacement project on Wednesday morning. Brick sidewalks will replace the concrete on the 1400 to 1600 stretch of the street.

The pace of work was quick on the first day. I left for an assignment early this morning and when I returned mid-morning huge chunks of sidewalk had been ripped out. Oh… a note to any neighbors who may not be thrilled with the project: No one at Bordertan had anything to do with this project. However, we’re sure it is going to look very nice!

We’re trying to get the “official” completion date for you from DDoT.
See note below: The completion date has been given as October 4. Ummm…. okay, never mind.

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  1. They put a note under our door (we live on Corcoran) saying that the project would be complete by Oct 4.

    I, for one, am thrilled with the project. It will be an inconvenience while the construction happens, but i think it will really improve the street and hopefully home values.

  2. Melissa – October 4? Who said that? DDoT? That would mean the entire project would be completed in 18 days… September 16 to October 4.

  3. I think the note was from DDOT. We received it last week and I threw it away already since it didn’t really have any additional information but i am pretty sure that was the estimated completion date. It seemed fast to me too but then again it is only 2 blocks that they are doing. They were already getting ready to lay bricks this morning, so it seems feasible.

  4. Melissa – You weren’t around for the repaving of R Street, were you? I am skeptical of the Oct. 4 date because that project (while much larger in scope, of course) dragged on for months and months. It might have been a year?

  5. We worked with the neighbors on Corcoran closely to try to get exactly what they wanted with this renovation, so I’d be very surprised if there were “neighbors who may not be thrilled with the project.” It was the joint effort of so many of the neighbors that got this project moving, and we were happy to work with them to get it done!
    Sherri Kimbel
    Director of Constituent Services
    Office of Councilmember Jack Evans

  6. Sherri,

    Is there any chance that the giant pothole in the alley entrance on the 1400 block of corcoran street will be fixed as part of this effort?

  7. Sherri – My reference to “neighbors who might not be pleased” is due to the fact we get all kinds of emails here at this blog. We have been accused of many things! It was a protective measure on our part. That’s all!

  8. Understand the “protective measure” stance! But we hope this construction is actually a positive thing! Melissa I’ll check on the pothole and see if someone can fix it.

  9. Thanks Sherri. I’d be glad to talk with you if you have any questions about where it is exactly (though it is tough to miss!)

  10. I never hard a word about this project until I got the flyer at the door. Happy about the new curbs and if they are indeed putting brick down, not so happy. The bricks are always uneven, treacherous when it’s icy, and way more weeds to keep up with in between the cracks…

  11. You know, i was thinking maybe just my side of the street will be done by Oct 4 and then they’ll switch to the other side.

  12. I too never heard about this project until I got the flyer, and I’m not thrilled with the 7:30 am start time, but hopefully the bricks will look good and not be too slippery. One thing I noticed yesterday is that stone edging pieces have been placed inside outside the existing sidewalk and they’re pretty wide. It looks like the job will widen the sidewalks on both sides and thus narrow the road, which is already very narrow when cars are parked on both sides. Flip in your rear view mirrors, everyone.

  13. was heartened when I saw the cement mixer truck park on the block. Alas, along came a backhoe to remove the rest of the cement sidewalks. It looks like bricks for us:( and good luck to the mail woman who has to trudge through this.

  14. I have heard that the bricks on Corcoran will be set in cement. This is different from many of the brick sidewalks around town that were simply set down in sand — and would be a big improvement. Has anyone heard anything about this?

  15. The bricks are being set in cement in a herringbone pattern. As you’ve already seen they are putting in new granite curbs and expanding the tree boxes. On the 1500 block they have removed the illegal driveway close to 15th street. They are also supposed to be grating and resurfacing the street. The sidewalk project is supposed to be completed in the 2-week time frame. Not sure about when the street resurfacing will be done.

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