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Remembering Rosebud: 1992 – 2007

by Borderstan.com September 22, 2009 at 2:30 am 6 Comments

Rosebud: 1992 - 2007.

Rosebud: 1992 – 2007.

Rosebud died two years ago today. If you live in Borderstan near 15th Street NW you may remember seeing her. She was half Welsh Corgi and half Border Collie. I got Rosie when she was 7-years-old from Washington Animal Rescue League, where she had lived for seven months.

Rosie was tough, opinionated and fiercely loyal to Luis, myself and a handful of others. She was a no-nonsense, no-fuss dog. A good little guardian of the house, Rosie liked few and it mattered not to her.

This is one of those things that may seem silly unless you have had a great dog.

Luis says the rest and has more pics.

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  1. She was a cool lady, Rosebud. I like how she protected you when I was working on your WiFi. She only nipped me once!

    Hug your Lupe today.

  2. Indeed she was, Monica. Thanks.

  3. Yes, i remember her..a feisty little girl…do you remember when she went after some )hot guy in the street and ripped his trousers? Like daddy like daughter..


  4. Rosebud did not care for me or my bootcut trousers, but I respected her for her strong opinions and her urban-canine attitude.

  5. You were right, she was beautiful!

  6. Rosie was a wonderful dog. As much as we love the new dog, Lupe, we miss Rosie every day.

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