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The “Venetian” and the “Mandarin.” Got them at Pulp for $4.50 each. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

What are you doing tonight? Luis and I got these great “traditional Victorian” style paper-cardboard masks at Pulp (14th & S Streets NW) for only $4.50 each. Luis is the “Venetian” and I am the “Mandarin.” We got the last ones in these styles and there was only one other style for men, “El Capitano.” However, they had a number of masks left for women as of Thursday evening.

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The 14th & U Farmers’ Market is Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

From the 14th & U Farmers’ Market… this is TOMORROW at noon. There is also a bake sale with proceeds benefiting Martha’s Table.

  • What: Halloween Party at 14th and U Streets NW
  • Where: 14th and U Streets NW, in front of the Reeves Municipal Building
  • When: Saturday, October 31 at noon

“Wondering where to wear your costume during the day on Halloween. Enter the 14& U Farmers’ Market Halloween Costume Contest with great prizes for kids and adults, kindly provided by:  Saint Ex, Cork Market, Pulp, Mid City Caffe, Biaggio, Adventures in Shaw. Judging by Amanda of Metrocurean and Diane of Cork at Noon on Saturday, October 31.  Plus, DC FoodBloggers Spooktacular Bake Sale to benefit Martha’s Table.”

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At P Street NW: Looking south on 15th Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

The rain is gone (for now) and DDoT was finally able to get started on the southbound bike lane on the west side of 15th Street NW. Yes, bikers will ride southbound on a one-way northbound street, between the curbed and parked cars–from Massachusetts Avenue to Florida Avenue NW.

More Information

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Located in northern India, the Delhi metro area has 16 million people, second to Mumbai in India, and the eighth largest in the world. (Image:

Editor’s note: “Popeye” is a new contributor to Borderstan and is posting “Delhi Dispatches,”  periodic reports on life in Delhi, India. He and his wife, “Olive Oyl,” are former Borderstanians, neighbors and friends of ours. They  moved to India almost two years ago (Olive Oyl is originally from India) and are the proud new parents of a baby girl, “Swee’Pea.” No, these are not their real names, but there are lots of strange people out there and Popeye asked that we use pseudonyms.

Delhi Dispatch 3: October 30

Trying to put the following into words will be difficult, but here goes. The other night I went over to a friend’s house for dinner. Before starting to cook, we decided to go and check out this night festival, followed by dinner at another friend’s place… very close to where this festival was taking place.

As luck would have it, these simple plans held far more in store for us.

The festival was the phool walon ki sair–procession of the florists– and it was unlike any festival I had ever been to. No big surprise there.

What was surprising was how eerily similar it was to something you might see in a strange B-grade horror film: sort of like a carnival set in a rural American town back in the early 20th century–or what I would imagine what one would look like anyway.


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What appears to be a White-tailed doe was spotted in the alley near 14th & U Streets NW this morning. (Photo: Phyllis D. Klein)

Update: Here is the story (and a real pic) from Phyllis D. Klein; she took the photo and has the story on Community Matters DC. Hope the deer is okay.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A deer was spotted this morning, standing in the rear of 1912 14th Street NW, which is just south of U Street. There was a message on the Dupont Forum and U Street listservs on Yahoo! Groups, with a photo. (I saw the photo, but don’t have permission to post it.) My guess, from the pic, is that it is a White-tailed doe.

Apparently Animal Control rescued the deer. Anyone know anything more about the deer?

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Birch & Bailey and ChurchKey, 1337 14th St. NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)


Asian-Latin fusion: Masa 14, 1825 14th St. NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)


Teaism, 2009 R St. NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez)

Birch & Barley and ChurchKey at 1337 14th Street NW are two new additions to the 14th Street corridor of restaurants and bars. Birch & Barley offers what sounds like as a delicious menu in the high-priced range. Both of these places offer an extensive list of beers. We are still waiting to go. Let us know what you think.

Masa 14 is at 1825 14th Street NW and is another new addition to the neighborhood, offering Latin-Asian inspired cuisine in small plate offerings. Ever since its soft opening last week the place has been full every night (I walk by regularly). It is beautiful inside and I was able to photograph it last Sunday. Reservations are recommended. Again, we are still waiting to go; let us know what you think if you have already been.

Teaism at 2009 R Street NW is a favorite around the neighborhood with a nice selection of teas and wonderful food. Perfect for a weekend brunch with a great and fast service–I had a very good meal last Sunday.


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Two of the many costumed Washingtonians who turned out in drag for the 2009 17th Street High Heel Race. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Is it the event of the year on the Dupont Circle side of Borderstan?

At his blog, One Photograph A Day… Luis got some great pics of the revelers in their Halloween costumes at tonight’s 17th Street High Heel Race and created a slide show. He also provides some background on the history of the race.

Related Postings

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Before the 17th Street High Heel Race: Madame X as “Anna Wintour” on 15th Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

The annual 17th Street High Heel Race is all about the participants, the costumes, the characters. The race, while amusing, is a sideshow. The real fun is in meeting the people who show up every year in costume to one of Dupont Circle’s biggest events.

Following is an interview, “A Quick Chat with ‘Anna Wintour,’ ” that profiles one of the Washingtonians who has made the annual Race a big Halloween event, drawing thousands of spectators.

I have known “Anna Wintour,” who I shall identify as “Madame X“–but well known in his real identify to friends and fans–for 10-plus years. Each year I await his Halloween costume to see what persona he will take. This year Madame X is attending tonight’s High Heel Race as Anna Wintour, the longtime editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine–and subject of many articles herself and even a movie or two.

We caught up with “Anna” a couple of hours before the race as she was waiting patiently for the rain to stop. A former resident of Borderstan (The Cairo, early 1990s), “Anna” recounts her favorite characters over the years for the Race and recalls the time she drove from DC to Rehoboth in full drag in her Ford Taurus. (more…)

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Here are recent crimes of note in Police Service Areas (PSAs) 208, 307 and 305 for the October 17-23 period in the Dupont Circle, U Street and Logan Circle areas. Crimes of note are stolen autos, burglaries and violent crimes such as robberies and assaults.

This week, nothing but robberies to report–four of them with guns. (more…)

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17th Street NW during the 2008 High Heel Race event. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

Rain or shine. Today is the annual  17th Street Halloween High Heel Race. Starting time is 9:00 p.m, but get there early if you want to enjoy the show. Prior to  the race, many of the participants (and those just in costume) parade along 17th Street.

What: High Heel Race

Where: 17th Street NW between Church & R Streets NW

Time: 9:00 p.m., but be there early!

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14th & S NW: Crepes on the Corner will be a joint venture of Garden District owner Joe Carmack and a local chef. The eatery will open in the former Garden District store on the northeast corner of the intersection. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

Hat tip to the Prince of Petworth (and the Washington Business Journal for picking up his posting)…

I suppose this pretty much seals the deal: Crepes are replacing cupcakes as the new trendy thing to eat in Borderstan and surrounding environs.

Two creperies are coming to 14th and S Streets NW. The one at the northeastern corner, Crepes on the Corner, will be a joint venture between Garden District owner Joe Carmack and Chef Vincent Bradbury. This is the site of the original Garden District location, which is now at the southwest corner of the intersection.

Joe said Saturday that the cafe will be inside the former garden store (a pretty small space) with seating outside… and that they plan to use some of the outdoor space to grow ingredients. (more…)


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