1618-A: Open For Business

by Borderstan.com October 6, 2009 at 9:54 am 4,804 10 Comments

1618-A 14th Street NW: On Monday night the police tape was gone and the front gate unlocked. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

1618-A 14th Street NW: On Monday night the police tape was gone and the front gate was unlocked. The club is open for business again. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

On our bedtime walk-with-the-dog, we went by 1618-A 14th Street NW, site of the early Sunday morning death of a patron at the location’s private club. The police tape was gone and the gate was unlocked.

After taking a gander at the building’s front, we headed down the 1400-block of Corcoran. There is an iron security gate on the Corcoran side of the building  and you can easily look into the back “garden” area of 1618. We heard a door open and saw light coming from the building. A guy stepped into the back area. I asked him if they were open for business. “Yes,” was the response.

I have no issue at all with the club’s purpose. I am interested in how the poor man died and whether there are safety issues related to the venue. I know people who live close to 1618 and they have had issues with the club’s operations, e.g., trash, parking and safety (remember the 2005 fire). Their issues have not been related to the building housing a private private sex club. (Readers of my original Sunday posting have asked their own questions in the comments section.)

We live in a neighborhood where residents and elected officials spend untold hours agonizing over what small businesses may or may not do. And remember the panicked cries for help in Dupont Circle and the packed ANC 2B meeting when the cast and crew of Real World were coming to town?

But, a man dies in an establishment–with the full details still unknown to the public–and it is open in about a day. What gives, people? A man is dead. Hello ANC 2F? Hello, DCRA?


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