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TUESDAY: 17th Street Dog Park Community Meeting

by Borderstan.com October 12, 2009 at 12:18 am 1,240 3 Comments

Lupe at the ribbon-cutting ceremony last Thursday for the new dog park on 17th Street NW. Behind Lupe from left: Councilmember Jack Evans, Mayor Adrian Fenty and ANC 2B Chairman Mike Silverstein. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos.)

The 17th Street dog park opened September 3 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that drew numerous city and local political and community poobahs. (Photo: Luis Gomez Photos)

DC Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a community meeting on Tuesday about the operations of the new dog park at 17th-S-New Hampshire NW. Location is the DC Jewish Community Center at 16th and Q NW at 7 p.m. Here is a notice from the Facebook page of Circle Dogs DC:

Circle Dogs DC will be at a community meeting at 7pm on 13 Oct at the JCC (16th and Q). It will be a forum to discuss any dog park related issues, including rules, hours, comments, compliments, etc. Please plan to attend if you can! If you cannot and want something brought up, please email your question or comment to the gmail account and we will bring them to DPR’s attention.

I know from personal experience as a dog owner in the hood that there are issues about the dog park. The two I am aware of are the number of dogs in the park (a sign at the entrance says a maximum of 12 dogs in the park at one time) as well as parents allowing small children to play in the park (my own personal hot button). Since dogs are a serious issue in Borderstan, this ought to be an interesting meeting.

The Dupont Current ran a front page story in last week’s paper, “Park success may lead to bone of contention.” ANC 2B/Dupont Commissioner Bob Meehan is quoted in the Current story and told the paper that the believes the meeting will focus on hours of operation, the number of dogs in the park at any one time and whether un-neutered male dogs should be permitted on the premises. Personally, the safety issue that I see is uninformed (I am being kind here) parents who bring their small children inside the dog enclosure and then allow (sometimes encourage) to run around with the dogs. I don’t believe any child under age 10 should be allowed inside with the dogs; this is the rule in public dog parks in Fairfax County, Virginia.

It’s a beautiful park, very well done; the DC Parks and Recreation did a very nice job with it. But, for our dog it is too small and too crowded. We almost never go there and still take Lupe to the Shaw Dog Park at 11th and R NW. It’s bigger and Lupe can run and play with the bigger dogs that go there.

  • Avi

    As I don’t have , ehr, “a dog in this fight”, please, please, please attend this meeting and voice your concern(s) about the lax attitude of some parents of the small children encouraged to play inside the dog park.

    One bad incident could ruin this whole thing for those of us who are (a) parents and (b) past/future dog owners. I can just see that, int he wake of some incident, instead creating or enforcing rules, the city will simply give up on dog parks.

    Just my .02


  • mattyillini

    I have to add a comment here. So, there is apparently a desire by some people to prohibit un-neutered male dogs inside the 17th Street dog park — but it’s just fine for parents to place toddlers on the ground with strange dogs running around in all directions. Have we lost our minds?

  • 14th & You

    I was not aware until this post that there was a “limit” of 12 dogs in the enclosure. (I don’t own a pup myself.) If the park was overrun with dozens of dogs back when it was an ugly dirt patch, how did DC think that turning it into a formal park would bring crowds under control? No amount of new rules will fix the issue — whether it’s the number of dogs, the number of in-tact male dogs, what pet toys are acceptable, or whether children are allowed. We just need a greater number of large dog parks in the area.


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