Who Will Check the Dogs’ Genitalia?

by Borderstan.com October 12, 2009 at 11:24 am 3,963 16 Comments


Example of a fluffy dog: I have always thought of Chow Chows as unpredictable when it comes to biting and nipping. Good luck checking a male Chow Chow’s genitalia. (Photo: Wikipedia.com)

Before reading,  you might want to read the posting directly below, “TUESDAY: 17th Street Dog Park Community Meeting.” From the posting: The Dupont Current ran a front page story in last week’s paper, “Park success may lead to bone of contention.” ANC 2B/Dupont Commissioner Bob Meehan is quoted in the Current story and told the paper that the believes the meeting will focus on hours of operation, the number of dogs in the park at any one time and whether un-neutered male dogs should be permitted on the premises.

Prohibition of un-neutered males in the dog park? I see. Okay…

No disrespect to Commissioner Meehan is intended here; he was one of the ANC 2B/Dupont commissioners who worked very hard to make this dog park reality. And, as a dog owner, I know how contentious these issues can be. I am sure Meehan was just saying what some dog park regulars have suggested.

However, if it is decided that male dogs who are un-neutered are going to be banned from the 17th Street dog park, I have some questions:

  1. Who, exactly, is going to check the dogs’ genitalia as they enter the park?
  2. What about male dogs with fluffy and/or long hair that cover their gonads? Will there be a person at the entrance who will lift up the dog’s tail and rummage around looking for the male dog’s gonads? All I can say is, Good luck with that one!
  3. Will we require dog owners to keep their dogs’ butts shaved so that we can view their genitalia? Their bellies, too?
  4. Will this be a volunteer job? Or will the DC Department of Parks and Recreation hire someone? Will they have health insurance? They’re probably going to need it.
  5. If the only-12-dogs-in-the-park at one time rule cannot be enforced, how will would a rule involving genitalia be enforced?

In the meantime, I assume it will still be just fine for clueless parents to bring small children (toddlers and infants even) inside the dog park and tell them to “play with the little doggies.” I was there one day with Lupe and a woman was ENCOURAGING her tiny son (maybe 2 years old) to run around with a STICK while “playing” with the doggies. Lady, why not just tie a porkchop around your kid’s neck next time?

But really, folks. Have we lost our minds? This is insane.


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