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Dog Park Rules: What Other Cities Do

by Borderstan.com October 15, 2009 at 7:37 am 4 Comments

While the debate over rules and regulations–and how to enforce them–takes place for the 17th Street dog park, a reader went online and found examples from other locales. Thanks to reader Avi for these:

And I will add Fairfax County and Arlington County,Virginia. Their rules are posted at these links.

I have to believe that DC Parks and Recreation, Circle Dogs DC (Facebook Page) and ANC 2B have spent some time studying what other cities and counties have done in terms of dog park rules and regulations.

Also, Shaw Dogs is holding its monthly meeting next Wednesday the 21st at 7 p.m. at Hotel Helix. Shaw Dogs is the group that takes care of the dog park on 11th Street NW (south of R Street). They have a listserv and information on Yahoo! Groups.

  • Wahoo_uva

    WHO CARES!!!!! It is a DOG PARK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    Are you kidding me? This is the best drama on the web right now! Keep the dog park posts coming!

  • CJ

    You are posting general rules. San Diego and Seattle also have specific rules and times of use and limits of numbers for each park as does New York. In dense areas parks typically close at 9pm, there are limits of numbers of dogs as well. This is not a one acre park in a suburban area. It is a small park surrounded by residences within 30 feet of the park.

    It is also entertaining to read that the dogs (of course must be licensed). There are six licensed dogs within .5 miles of the park according to the department of health.

  • MG

    Really, we need to teach CIVIL OBEDIENCE to the TWO-Legged Animals not the 4-Leggeds! Also teach the Two-Leggeds how to use a double gate!
    As to ALL dogs getting along with ALL other dogs – never! But the lesson to be learned there, listen up Two-leggeds, is “to teach socialization of your pet, DO NOT YANK your dog away, no matter how important your cell phone call is!”

    Most of the ignorance comes from Two-leggeds not paying attention to their 4-leggeds while they romp, play, and POOP, while they rant on their mobiles in ignorant bliss.

    Come to the park to socialize and let your pooch play all while supervising their behaviour! Maybe you’ll make a friend or two, or even someone to share in watching each others dogs when you want a break from DC.

    Leave the rudeness and cell phones at home!

    Also, if your 4-legged is aggressive then keep walking because a confined area to play with others makes for a bad combination.

    Read the Dog Park & City Laws and adhere to them.

    Ignorance of the facts is no excuse!


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