Gun Robbery at 7:55 PM, 14th & S NW

by Borderstan.com October 17, 2009 at 9:44 pm 1,106 7 Comments

Good grief. A robbery with gun at the corner of 14th & S NW at 7:55 p.m. this evening. Will we ever get dedicated patrols for 14th and U Streets NW?

Granted that tonight is nasty, chilly and rainy, but this the heart of the 14th Street corridor in the middle of lots of new, fancy clubs and restaurants. Think for a second at what businesses are within a block from 14th & S NW: Bar Pilar, Cafe Saint-Ex, Cork, Policy, Black Cat and Source Theatre.

Note to our elected officials: NOT good PR if you want to attract more young urban hipsters to DC, and keep the suburbanites coming downtown:

From Police Alerts:


  • EDip

    I’ve been concerned throughout the summer of the increase in robberies during peak daylight hours, but kept putting it off to increased exposure to these types of crimes due to the numerous neighborhood specific blogs. I’ve lived in the area for 5 years, and was worried about moving here from the suburbs, but I have never been more nervous than I am now. I was walking down S Street from 14th to 13th around 7:20 this evening, heading home from dinner at Masa 14 (amazing by the way). 8PM on a Saturay night?!? This is not just an increase in robberies, it’s a significant change from the times these crimes typically occur. Now I have to be as vigilant walking down K Street on a weekday at 5:30 as I would be on a late night.

  • CookedChicken

    I’m a young professional, work downtown and live in Borderstan. I get the crime alerts on my phone and all the gun robberies in the area, and near places I frequent often make me sick, and frankly a bit scared. Its not just happening late at night. They are taking place more and more during daylight, or early evening hours in heavy traffic areas. I know DC has always had lots of street crime but things are starting to get out of control. The thugs are taking over Borderstan. I love DC, and I love Borderstan. I enjoy the restaurants, the nightlife, the diversity, and all the great things this city has to offer. But if I get a gun stuck in my face or get beat down for $20 and my cell phone I’m getting the hell out of here.

  • Avi

    The pieces of s**t that roam free through this city will never be pushed out until the pieces of s**t that are in charge of securing the health and welfare of this city get punished for their inaction.

    The DC government is responsible for the continued failure to protect its citizens and those who dare visit and spend money in our fair city. Our DC government wants this high rate of crime. Why else would they tolerate it? When our government no longer wants this vicious criminal activity, it will be deal with. Until then, like Obama, they will say all the right things, and do nothing.

  • Steverino

    Look, folks, I hate crime as much as the next guy. But c’mon. The bad guys are the CRIMINALS, not the cops or the DC government. We don’t live in a police state and even having a few more cops posted in an area will not prevent heinous crimes. I don’t have the answer, there are no easy answers, but just keep in mind that cops are not omnipotent gods and the DC government is not your mommy & daddy.

  • Qstreeter

    I’ve lived just off 14th for more than 20 years. Many of us worked hard in a long struggle to get the neighborhood to a point where the self-declared hipsters could feel comfy in coming here, and even think they made it happen. Now they whine because they can’t have it all just they way they want, and that the bad people go where the money flows. More policing helps, but the bad guys just move a few blocks. How much do you want to pay for extra policing. Want more cameras or are you going to whine about that too? If you want it, better get out there and campaign for it for real instead of just blaming others. As someone said the government is not your mommy and daddy; you are part of it. How much have you done lately to help change the cultural conditions that provide a breeding ground for crime? Mouthing expletives doesn’t count; that simply shows your own lack of breeding.

    • Qstreeter: I understand where you are coming from. I feel that I should point out that I am NOT a young hipster (I was 50 in April and my husband is 43), and I have been here for 11 years (longer if you count nearby addresses). We are in the city to stay, hopefully downtown.

      We have attended more than our share of neighborhood meetings. I strongly agree that people should always be involved in their communities, regardless of where they live.

      I have serious doubts, however, as to whether the DC government has its act together when it comes to crime and public safety issues — whether that is intervention to prevent crime or whether it is policing. I am NOT slamming the police — at all. I think our crime issues go way beyond our police force. In a sense, we are all to blame — the residents of DC.

      While I am a strong proponent of being involved in one’s community, I sometimes ask myself, “Should a 25-year-old who is newly arrived in DC really be expected to combat poverty and join a neighborhood crime watch group?” Isn’t this a bit too much? DC is a very expensive place to live and we have a very high tax rate. I think all of us have a right to expect more from our government.

      Thanks for your comment. Please come back!

  • CJ

    Steverino wrote: “We don’t live in a police state and even having a few more cops posted in an area will not prevent heinous crimes. I don’t have the answer, there are no easy answers, but just keep in mind that cops are not omnipotent gods and the DC government is not your mommy & daddy.”

    LOL, steve none of the crimes reported are heinous and in fact statistics consistently show that having a few more cops posted DOES reduce crime. Always has and always will. The police getting out of the station and onto the streets does reduce crime.


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