This Morning: A Deer at 14th & U Streets NW

by Borderstan.com October 29, 2009 at 2:25 pm 2 Comments


What appears to be a White-tailed doe was spotted in the alley near 14th & U Streets NW this morning. (Photo: Phyllis D. Klein)

Update: Here is the story (and a real pic) from Phyllis D. Klein; she took the photo and has the story on Community Matters DC. Hope the deer is okay.

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A deer was spotted this morning, standing in the rear of 1912 14th Street NW, which is just south of U Street. There was a message on the Dupont Forum and U Street listservs on Yahoo! Groups, with a photo. (I saw the photo, but don’t have permission to post it.) My guess, from the pic, is that it is a White-tailed doe.

Apparently Animal Control rescued the deer. Anyone know anything more about the deer?

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  1. Wow! 14th & U is a decent clip from Rock Creek. That was one lost, confused, or brave deer. I hope it gets back home soon.

    This was, however, a common occurrence for us when we lived in Boulder. Deer and foxes in our yard all the time.

  2. He was foraging for food because his dinner of “small plates” around the ‘hood didn’t do the trick.

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