UPDATED: DC Police Still Looking for Links Between Suspect and Rooftop Burglaries

by Borderstan.com November 12, 2009 at 2:25 pm 1,662 2 Comments

After posting the story about DC police arresting a suspect for the Dupont-area rooftop burglaries (below), I received the following message from MPD 2D Commander Matthew Klein regarding statements made at the ANC 2B/Dupont meeting last night by a member of the PSA 208 force. The officer’s statements were posted to U Street News on Yahoo! Groups in an email from ANC 2B Chairman Mike Silverstein. The following statement is from Commander Klein:

“We arrested a burglar and the case is now being investigated by detectives who are trying to ascertain which burglaries can be associated with him. Any connection to burglaries in which rooftops were used to gain entry into homes are being actively investigated by detectives at this time.”

It appears the DC police may have caught the infamous rooftop burglar who outwitted everyone by breaking into numerous residences in the Dupont Circle area in the first half of 2009. (See earlier postings at bottom.) The burglar entered homes by coming through rooftop entrances, such as hatches and skylights. He eluded the police and neighborhood watch groups for months.

According to an email making the rounds from the U Street News on Yahoo! Groups, a rep from Police Service Area (PSA) 208 said at last night’s ANC 2B/Dupont meeting that police believe they have arrested the man responsible for the string of rooftop burglaries.

According to the message, the officer from PSA 208 told the attendees: “A suspect was captured on a fire escape between noon and 1 pm earlier this week… I believe the date was November 6th. The suspect confessed, then went on a ride-around with police where he pointed out the various places he had hit. The details convinced police he’s the one they’ve been looking for. The suspect obviously took pride in his work.”

It has been several months since the Rooftop Burglar was in the news, but the story got a great of attention and press, and took up a lot of the MPD’s time.

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