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Saturday, 1600 block of 15th Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

We watched a couple lovingly park their Smart Car Saturday afternoon on 15th Street. Considering the distance they left between them and the car in front, I could only ask, “Why?”

Is the car brand new? Are they recent arrivals from exurbia where parking spaces are the size of my condo? Did they know they were violating the unwritten code-of-honorable-downtown parking by not getting as close as possible to other vehicles? Did they realize they were taking an extra space? Finally, why did they even bother to buy a Smart Car?

When you live here in Borderstan… anywhere in the Dupont-Logan-U Streeet area, you know how precious parking spots can be.

  • Last night at the Foggy Bottom Trader Joe’s, right in the middle of the evening rush (post-work/prior to their closing time), some guy parked his mid-90s Saab smack in the middle of two parking spaces!! I was utterly speechless. The parking demarcation line was squarely under the center of his car’s chassis. This occurred right when people are streaming in looking for parking too. And it wasn’t like he had zero room to make a sharp turn to get into one space, nor did he drive a car that’s hard to maneuver either.

    I was astonished at this brazenness and how much of a blatant a$$hole he could be. Wish I had the nerve to be such a jerk.

    FYI, TJ’s is CLOSED on thanksgiving day, so get your provisions early!

  • Meh

    Aw, c’mon, this ain’t too bad. There’s still plenty of room for a car behind them. Full disclosure: I know the owners and yes, it is a new car, and no, they’re not from the burbs.

  • Avi

    Perhaps the SMART car owner traded in his Crown Vic, or some other such land yacht, and isn’t used to parking a human scaled car?

  • Pat

    looks fine to me…there’s plenty of room for another car behind him. The bottom line is that smart cars take up a heck of lot less space than any other car.

  • Pat

    Has it dawned on anyone that the smart car may have been there first! Borderstan seems to be populated wiht whiners like Sarah Palin

  • Dear Pat and others: (1) We watched the nice couple park the car and leave feet in front (did you read the posting?) (2) The issue is the space in front of the car, not the rear (as you all seem eager to point out. (3) We think Smart Cars are great. (4) Do any of you have to park on the street in a downtown neighborhood? If so, are you considerate about these things? We always try to leave as much space as possible for other cars. It isn’t all about YOU or US.

  • Jessica

    I’m just thankful that they parked legally.
    I can look out my building on any given evening and see 5 illegally parked cars, and for every time I call 311 to ask them to be ticketed, a parking person/cop probably comes 25% of the time.

    So count your blessings. And for what it’s worth, even if they pulled up you wouldn’t be able to fit two non-smart cars behind it.

  • Banksy

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