14th and Church: HomeMade Pizza Store to Open in January

by Borderstan.com December 3, 2009 at 11:54 pm 1,944 6 Comments

Home Made Pizza Luis Gomez Photos

Homemade Pizza will open an outlet at 1522 14th Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

HomeMade Pizza is opening  store at 1522 14th Street NW, with an opening date of January 21. We walked by the storefront today and the inside seems to be coming along really fast. They already have stores in upper Northwest on Massachusetts and Connecticut. The chain has stores in Illinois, Minnesota and the DC metro area.

  • 14thandChurchPrep

    Wait…what happened to Cork and Fork? Did they back out after they realized Cork market was opening down the street?

  • Gumpper

    Odd concept — you buy the pie there, but then cook it at home. I was hoping for Pete’s Apizza or something like that. Anyone try one of their other stores?

  • Emanuela

    Me too, I was hoping for a real pizza place… besides I fear this shop might look a bit squalid, right on 14th st.

    It is really unfortunate that Cork & Fork (which BTW existed in VA and MD well before Cork: http://corkandforkva.com/) has this name, so close to Cork and Cork Market…It would have been a nice addition to the area.

  • Mary

    Weird about Cork and Fork. According to the minutes from the December 2 ANC meeting, http://www.anc2f.org/, Cork and Fork is still set to open a 1522 14th Street.

  • Emanuela

    Homemade Pizza or Cork and Fork? Mystery solved: they both will open at 1522 14th Street!
    This morning I spoke with the architect responsible for the works at Homemade Pizza and he explained that the large space inside is in fact divided into two spaces (NOT visible from outside): on the left side there will be Homemade Pizza (scheduled to open on January 24th), on the right Cork and Fork. At a closer look, there are indeed two doors, so the two activities will co-exist, but with independent entrances. He did not mention when the restaurant will open.


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