UPDATE on 1402 S St.: Police DID Apprehend Male Suspect

by Borderstan.com December 16, 2009 at 10:32 pm 1,617 6 Comments

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1402 S Street NW: After a 90-minute standoff and search, police apprehended a woman from the white row house next to the alley. The suspect apparently broke the window of the car (upper right photo) before being pursued down the 1400-block of S Street. The standoff at the house followed. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Friday morning update: Reports on what actually transpired around 9 p.m. on Wednesday at 1402 S Street NW after a standoff with police have varied. The first report, on the scene, was that after police gained entry to the house they only found a woman living illegally in the house (“squatting”)–but that they did not find the man who had been chased to the house after allegedly breaking into a car on 15th Street NW. This morning we learned from MPD 3rd District Commander Jacob Kishter that police found the car-theft suspect in the house at 1402 S, but no female squatter; Kishter cited the arrested officer.

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Note: By chance, we on hand for much of the incident described below. We were walking on the 1400-block of S Street around 7:30 p.m. when we saw police in the alley next to 1402 S Street and then heard breaking glass from a rooftop. We were in the area until around 8 p.m. and then returned around 8:30 p.m.

Google Map Photo of House

After a 90-minute standoff this evening, DC police apprehended a woman from an unoccupied house at 1402 S Street NW, according to police on the scene. There were approximately 15 police cruisers in the area, along with fire department units (including a ladder truck) and several ambulance vehicles. A police helicopter was also overhead at one point. Police blocked off the 1400-block of S Street and residents in nearby houses were asked to leave.

The incident began around 7:30 p.m. when the suspect (police initially thought the suspect was a man; no further details available) allegedly broke into a car on the 1700-block of 15th Street NW. A man and woman saw the break-in and the man pursued the suspect, chasing her east down the 1400-block of S Street.

According to witnesses at a nearby business, police were close to apprehending the woman when she ran into the alley and gained access to the rooftop of the house. One of the residents of a nearby house on the block said the house was recently sold and is unoccupied. The woman broke a skylight on the roof of the unoccupied house and then took refuge there.

More police arrived, along with fire and ambulance units as well as police dogs. Police did not know if the suspect was armed. According to a witness at the scene, police used a battering ram to enter through the back door of the house. Police search lights were visible in the front windows of the house.

As we were walking home after 9 p.m. on 15th Street, police began removing the barricade on S Street. Police told us that they had apprehended a woman in the house at 1402 S Street. We spoke briefly with the man who had chased the suspect down S Street; the car vandalized did not belong to him.


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