More About Those Icy Sidewalks and YOUR Responsibilities

by Borderstan.com December 22, 2009 at 1:52 pm 1,258 6 Comments

I saw this posting over at dcist, “Icy Sidewalks of Death Provoke Comments and Questions” with links to some photos at PoP’s “Sidewalks of Shame” (the one of the 14th and T Post Office sidewalk yesterday was particularly galling). In addition, the dcist posting has links to a WaPo story and the City Paper’s Housing Complex, which have info on YOUR legal responsibities for keeping your sidewalk clear of ice and snow.

Over at DC Striving, there is a suggestion that if a sidewalk has not been shoveled and de-iced that dog owners should not have to pick up their poop from that patch of sidewalk. Sounds fair enough to me. (Yes, our building’s sidewalk is clean as a whistle, thank you very much, and has been since early Sunday morning… a total of four shovelings that began Saturday.)

So, are there any stretches of sidewalk in the Dupont-Logan are that you would like to nominate? How about 17th Street? 14th Street? 16th Street? P Street? Others?

  • dcvoterboy

    so what would be my recourse the rest of the year when dog owners don’t pick up their dog’s poop?

    no need to go “poop for snow” on this one.

  • Bumps and bruises

    The west side stretch of 15th Street between Mass and Rhode Island…that ice slick is bound to be there into the new year.

  • Logan13R

    I would mention Whitman Walker Clinic. I have lived on R St since 2005 and they are great about shoveling their walkway to their parking lot. But their property goes all the way to the alley and they have never once since 2005 shoveled all that way making it dangerous for pedestrians and their patients/clients.

  • DC John

    The Presbyterian Church on the corner of 15th and R Streets NW….No snow removal. Church advised its contractors were busy! DUH!!

  • Gumpper

    And although Whole Foods managed to plow out its employee parking lot on Church Street, today, it still hasn’t cleared the sidewalk in front of that lot!

    And St. Lukes Church on 15th between P and Church also plowed out its lot, but couldn’t be bothered with the sidewalk around that lot. I guess since all the parishioners drive in from PG County, the lot is more important that the sidewalk used by the local community!

  • WhoddaThunk

    Got to say as someone who walks everywhere and a non dog owner, if you don’t clean up your dog’s crap it can get stepped in by anyone. Not just a negligent owner who hasn’t shoveled.


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