by Borderstan.com January 4, 2010 at 6:00 am 1,652 6 Comments

Why is the mailbox on the left (15th and Swann NW) is close to the middle of the sidewalk while the one on the right (15th and Corcoran NW) is close to the street? (Luis Gomez Photos)

Another in our occasional Why series…

Sometimes things you see every day suddenly come to your attention. The mailbox in the photo above, at left, is practically in the middle of the sidewalk at 15th and Swann (39 inches to the street, 46 inches to the house fence). The mailbox down the street at 15th and Corcoran is located closer to the street, about 16 inches in, like other mailboxes.

Just asking, Why would you put a mailbox near the middle of narrow residential sidewalk? Has the mailbox at 15th and Swann always been where it was yesterday? Did the Post Office move it?


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