WEDNESDAY: Estadio Restaurant on ANC 2F Agenda

by Borderstan.com January 5, 2010 at 6:00 am 1,077 2 Comments

Estadio is going into the former Garden District store location at the southwest corner of 14th and Church Streets NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

ANC 2F meets tonight at 7 p.m. at Washington Plaza Hotel, 10 Thomas Circle NW. Major items on the agenda are the election of officers and the voluntary agreement with Estadio.

The restaurant Estadio is slated to open at the southwest corner of 14th and Church in the former Garden District store location. It will serve northern Spanish food. Over at 14th & You, there is a good write up from the December ANC 2F meeting on issues related to Estadio’s liquor license. Some residents of the building are not happy about a restaurant opening on the first floor.

We liked the WCP Young and Hungry‘s take on Estadio. The proposal to call 14th Street Dealertown 14 is amusing, but conjures up some less than savory images. From Y and H:

Estadio: Proof owner Mark Kuller will be opening this Spanish-themed restaurant on the trendy 14th Street strip (which really needs a trendy name, like Dealertown 14, a nod to 14th Street’s history as a home to car dealerships).

  • Avi

    Yay for Estadio! I was just telling the spouse the other day, “ya know, if DC had an expensive, trendy restaurant devoted to Northern Spanish cuisine, why I would go there every day!!”

    But, at least the space won’t be vacant. That’s just begging for trouble.

  • Jessica

    Ditto – more spanish-like food? I really wish there were awesome Indian or even Chinese food – more upscale, tasty, a reason to want it. That makes…what…three spanishy restaurants in 4 blocks? Oh well – much better than vacant, and it’s a nice building/corner


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