DC’s “Secret” Law on Night Parking Near Corners

by Borderstan.com January 21, 2010 at 7:30 am 4,000 1 Comment

Courtesy of Greater Greater Washington, here is interesting news for the on-the-street car parkers in the the Dupont-Logan-U Street area:

“DC has a secret law that only select residents know about: It’s actually legal to park closer to many corners than the signs say. Or actually, it used to be, but the law expired, according to Councilmember Tommy Wells’ office. Unfortunately, the DC Secretary doesn’t keep laws up to date online, so it’s difficult to get all the details… Kicking off election season, Councilmember Tommy Wells has introduced a bill to make it officially legal to park up to 25 feet from such intersections, and to within 10 feet at night. According to Wells’ press release, concerns about public safety prompted this effort to make parking near homes easier late at night.”

Get the details about corner parking in the evenings in David Alpert’s GGW full post. However, in our section of town, we all know the corners at which the parking enforcement officers will give you a pass or will ticket you. Some people refer to them as “legal illegal parking spots.”


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