Armed Home Invasion Monday on W Street

by January 28, 2010 at 11:36 am 2,080 0

The neighborhood and community police listservs have been abuzz with a report of a home invasion that occurred Monday evening the 25th on the 1200 block of W Street NW. Commander Jacob Kishter of MPD 3rd District confirmed the details of the crime.

According to police, three residents of the block were robbed inside their home at gun point by three intruders. One of the residents was taking garbage outside when he or she was approached by one of the assailants who asked, “Is this where the party is?”

The three assailants then were able to enter the residence. The suspects were armed with guns and forced the three residents onto the floor. They stole numerous items from the home, and took the victims’ cell phones before ripping out the home’s land lines. The suspects are two African American males and one African American female, all armed. The three victims were not seriously harmed.

MPD 3rd District is investigating the crime. If you have any information or leads about the Monday night incident on W Street, contact MPD by calling 202-727-9099 or 888-919-CRIME, or text 50411.


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