Poll: Grade DC’s Snow Removal Efforts

by Borderstan.com February 1, 2010 at 3:00 pm 1,457 6 Comments

We have hard two bigger than usual snowstorms this winter, one right before Christmas and one this past weekend. How would you grade the DC government’s response in terms of snow removal from the streets?

  • Taboo

    I think it’s easy to diss the DC government about snow removal. The city doesn’t own that much snow removal equipment and trucks. We just don’t get that much snow here compared to other cities further north. If the city did go and buy lots of equipment, then we’d criticize them for waste.

  • Neil

    They did pretty well with the first storm, but the one last weekend they just took the weekend off. That was a pitiful effort at snow removal. Even the main roads were unplowed.

  • Jack

    DC city’s snow removal efforts are pathetic – especially because DC is our nation’s capital. It is inconvenient and embarassing.

  • ben

    I live on a street that was always plowed quickly last year, and receives several thousand cars per day. I drove down another street during the last big snow which gets a maximum of 300 cars per day which had already been plowed. They never actually plowed my street.

  • Duke

    The city’s effort is poor. There was almost three feet of snow in Calvert County. I was on a crew that got all the streets to wet pavement; including the side streets. I live in Glover Park and the only street that was plowed was Wisconsin. The city doesn’t have to buy equipment. It can subcontract the snow removal out to contractors. They are in need of work and have the equipment to do it. There is no excuse. I’ve had 4 hours of sleep since 1 AM Saturday and we got the job done.

  • M.A. Matson

    I just spoke to my son, who lives in New York City, where the city hired people who are jobless, paid them an hourly rate to clear the corners so that passage from sidewalk to street is not a hazard. Why can’t this be done in DC. Residents in my Georgetown neighborhood have done a good job of clearing their sidewalks, but getting across any street is very dangerous..the piles of snow from plowing are high, slippery, and difficult to climb over.



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