17th Streetscape: P to R East Side Work Next

by Borderstan.com February 2, 2010 at 9:30 am 2,003 2 Comments

Luis Gomez Photos 17th Streetscape Dupont Circle

17th and Corcoran NW: Work continues on the 17th Streetscape project. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The 17th Streetscape project work has been hampered by cold weather, including water main breaks. The issue of tree removal was then addressed. So where does the project stand? What work is next?

Current DDoT streetscape plans call for work on the east side of 17th Street to be done by spring so that restaurants can open their outdoor cafes on time:

The revised phasing plan to start in the restaurant areas on the east side of 17th Street between R Street and P Street in the first week of February and to complete all of the sidewalk modifications in early April so that the restaurants can open their cafe sidewalk areas in spring. The meeting also discussed the proposed ADA modifications to each business access doors. Following the meeting, there was a walkthrough of 17th Street to review the entrances of businesses that are scheduled for such upgrades in order to comply with the ADA standards.

The DC Department of Transportation is posting updates about the project on a new mini site devoted solely to 17th Streetscape. It appears to have been created for DDoT by the project contractor–there is not DC government code or .gov extension to be found. Kudos to DDoT for allowing some creativity.You can access the project schedule at the site and there is an explanation of construction scheduling as well.


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