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Poll: Grade DC’s Snow Removal Efforts

by Borderstan.com February 3, 2010 at 7:44 am 1,212 9 Comments

Our opinion poll on the city’s snow removal efforts is still open. We posted it before last night’s snow.

While it did snow last night, it did not snow enough to earn you a free day off from work. The federal government is open, with the unscheduled leave policy in effect–you will have to take a vacation day if you want to stay home.

The DC Government and schools are open for business on regular schedule.

  • marwan

    I think they did a better job removing the snow from last night than several weeks ago. We will see how they manage the “big” storm this weekend

  • Missy

    I would give them a “B”
    Overall good job with the BIG snow of a couple of weeks ago. Last night’s was a much easier job but the plows were out early (all night??). …and I am with marwan waiting to see how they handle this weekend.

  • Missy

    Plus, I was sort of surprized that DC schools did not close or at least start late… but that could be because of the good job at snow removal…

  • Avi

    Get your butt’s to work people. Your mortgage doesn’t pay itself!

    Thankfully Montgomery County appears to be closed, so the streets weren’t clogged with Maryland drives, thus allowing me to get my kid to daycare on time (even early).

  • Avi

    …and the streets are fine. It didn’t get cold enough for this stuff to stick to the roads, and the DC crews, who get an “A” in my book, were out early getting a jump on things.

  • TY

    I’d give them an A for today. Streets were good, sidewalks were plowed. It seemed more like 3-4 days after a snow storm than the day after. Well done.

  • mollytics

    I give them an A for today… but the snow wasn’t a big deal and melted mostly by itself.

    Last Saturday, on the other hand, gets a big ole F. 16th street wasn’t plowed until 3 a.m.!

  • Chen

    Was monitoring street condition last night and the snow never really ever stuck – not sure if it’s because the streets have been treated with salt already, or for other reasons? Do know that the snow on my steps + side walk was light and slushy enough that only a broom was needed to remove 99% of what’s there.
    So not sure how much work city actually did? But A for what the street conditions are – including side streets such as Corcoran – all clear as of this morning.

  • Avi

    Went for a mid afternoon run, and the sidewalks and streets were in really great shape. This and the warmer (above freezing) weather should give us a leg up on the coming Snowpocalypse.


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