Monday: Tedium, Transportation and Trash

by February 8, 2010 at 11:45 am 1,325 2 Comments

Saturday near Dupont Circle: A transportation option? (Luis Gomez Photos)

Have you lost your mind yet from the tedium of being semi-immobilized by the snow? Count your blessings that you live downtown and can walk to what stores are open.

Imagine if you were in the midst of outer suburbia (and more than a few outer DC neighborhoods) where you can never walk anywhere to get or do anything.

Transportation in DC

The transportation options are better today, but still not great–and a long way from being back to normal. Your transportation options today are:

  • Connector bus service is up and running with normal hours and free rides. (it’s run by DDoT, not Metro).
  • Metrorail has limited underground operations. WMATA has the details. There is no above ground rail service.
  • Metrobus is running on a limited schedule on a few routes. Details here.
  • The city’s snow emergency is still in effect and that means no parking on snow routes. The list includes 16th Street NW.

Trash Collection

  • DC Department of Public Works says that trash collection this week is from the front only; no collection from the rear/alleys. Residents are asked to place their trash in dark colored plastic (not paper) bags and place the bags at the curb for collection.
  • Recycling collections are suspended this week; residents are asked to hold onto their recyclables until next week.
  • No bulk collections today.
  • Street trash can collections are suspended through Tuesday; collections are expected to resume on Wednesday.


  • Remember that the District does not plow alleys due to “lack of resources and space constraints for the plowed snow,” according to DC Public Works.


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