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SUNDAY: Shovel Out a Bus Stop Today?

by Borderstan.com February 14, 2010 at 6:20 am 1,472 11 Comments

Over at Greater Greater Washington, Dennis Jaffe has a post calling for volunteers to shovel out DC bus stops today. Jaffe is asking people grab a shovel and go clear out WMATA (Metro) bus stops in the area. You can read his post and the reader responses in the comments.

What do you think?

  • Is clearing the snow from bus stops something that Metro should figure out how to do… no matter how overwhelming the two recent snowstorms have been?
  • Are you willing to shovel out a bus stop this time, but not never again?
  • Or do you believe that residents should regularly help out with this type of volunteer action, the same way we are supposed to shovel our sidewalks?

So, is anyone going to shovel out a bus stop today? We have plenty of them in the area.

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  • Bob in DC

    I can see this as a necessity THIS time. But, what in hell do we pay ridiculously high taxes for in DC if our local governments cannot do something as basic as maintain bus stops?

  • Jessica

    It’d be great if it works…but why are bus stops more important than curb cut outs? There are people that need curb cut access in order to get around. And the huge piles of snow make walking across streets dangerous and messy. That would be, IMO, a greater cause – that I’d partake in. Bus stops would be good, but WMATA should do that while we help areas that will never get shoveled.

  • Avi

    I’m actually quite shocked that, as part of the massive street clearing the city undertook, that bus stops didn’t get special attention already. Maybe not each and everyone (Lord knows on 16th street they are every five-damned-feet), but at least the ones at major intersections. WMATA & The City should have figured this out up front.

    If we still have that spirit of civic mindedness in our national psyche, yes we should do our part & dig out the bus stops. We simply must learn to work in concert with our government, and stop railing against it all the time. Government can’t do it all on it’s own.

    I’m busy clearing away our fire hydrants, and then plan on hitting the nearest bust stop or two.

  • SD

    i think this is hilarious considering the aholes in my neighborhood will not even shovel their own driveways, alleys, sidewalks, etc. I think it’s a great idea if I had a shovel (I used a sled to shovel us out), except highly unlikely. Unfortunately my neighbors in DC are more into themselves. They’d rather wait until the snow melts or have someone do it for them. Naturally, this is DC.

  • Bob in DC

    @ SD: I think you might be saying that too many people in DC are concerned with “Freeing Tibet” or “Saving Whales” and not taking care of things closer to home? Do you think they consider all just too boring?

  • Here is info over at TheCityFix on how to help with snow removal efforts in DC:

    “Don’t let the snow get you down! Do something about it! TheCityFix Managing Editor, Erica Schlaikjer, created “Snow Helper” Watch Areas on SeeClickFix, to help figure out where to clear our streets.”


  • Michael

    Shoveling out a bus stop is a noble thing to do to help get our city running again. However, it does make you wonder about the lack of coordination between Dept. of Public Works and WMATA. Once again, no leadership at the top in this city.

    My partner has spent everyday digging out stuck cars here on Corcoran Street. This begs the question as to why people were attempting to drive on the street to begin with (none were residents). Orange cones were placed at the end of the block to signal that the street was impassable. So the drivers ignored or even moved the cones, usually getting stuck within a few yards of the cones. Fortunately for them, many of the residents spent hours helping to get them moving again.

    PS – DPW finally came and plowed at 11PM last night after several phone calls. The squeaky wheel will get the oil!

  • DK

    I’d be willing to do it. This snow is unprecedented for DC–I would hate to have more of my “ridiculously high taxes” funneled toward snow removal equipment for the speculative future megasnow. We can chip in, and I appreciate Great Great Washington’s civic-mindedness (which is more than I can say for the other commenters).

  • DC Department of Transportation sent this tweet around 1 p.m. today: “Form a shovel party! Ask friends and neighbors to tackle sidewalks that have not been shoveled.” DDoT does a good job communicating with residents via Facebook at Twitter (http://twitter.com/DDOTDC).

  • Mike

    I refuse to shovel. That is what city crew is for.

  • Julie

    I agree with, and applaud, Avi. I constantly lament the lack of civic responsibility apparent in my fellow citizens. People’s unwillingness to participate is an example of the lazy, “just throw money at it” mentality that excuses personal responsibility and expects our government to handle every conceivable eventuality because we pay taxes.


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