Tuesday: Get to Work, But Watch for Ice

by Borderstan.com February 16, 2010 at 5:00 am 1,129 4 Comments

The federal government is opening two hours late today; employees may also take unscheduled leave, according to OPM. Other than that, it’s pretty much business as usual in DC. However, the city snow emergency is still in effect, so remember those parking restrictions. Metrorail is open at all 86 DC metro-area stations.

However, be careful to watch for icy patches on sidewalks and streets. It’s called black ice because it is transparent and takes on the color of the surface beneath it. So, on black pavement, it looks like… black pavement. It is often impossible to see–you only realize it’s there when you slip and loose your footing.

  • Gumpper

    Unfortunately, many in the neighborhood still refuse to clear their sidewalks. The condos at the southeast corner of 15th & Q have once again failed to shovel their walk, but managed to get their driveways bone-dry. And St. Luke’s plowed their lot and shoveled 15th Street, but didn’t shovel their sidewalks on P Street or Church Street.

  • Readers: Any other sidewalks of shame to hightlight?

  • Jessica

    Just a few from my commute:
    – the corner of NH and S in front of that random embassy
    – corner of 17th and S, a large home turned into condos. SHOVEL. Walkway is clear, not sidewalk
    – any of the stretch of NH at the non-dog park park (at T St)
    – Most of T St between 17 and 18 on the Lauriol side. All of those townhouses…walkways clear, sidewalks not. WTF?


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