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TONIGHT: Shaw Dog Park Meeting at Hotel Helix

by Borderstan.com February 24, 2010 at 8:50 am 5 Comments

Shaw Dogs meets tonight at 7 p.m. at the Hotel Helix at 1430 Rhode Island Avenue NW. Meetings are open to the public. Shaw Dogs is the volunteer group responsible for operating the Shaw Dog Park on the 1600 block of 11th Street NW. You can join the Dog Owners of Greater Shaw listerv at Yahoo! groups.

Shaw Dog Park rules are likely to be the main topic of discussion tonight’s meeting. There have been alleged violations of the rule that limits the number of dogs any one person can bring to the park at one time (three dogs). In fact, Shaw Dogs placed a poster at the park with a photo and information about the alleged violator who was reported to have been brining 10 to 20 dogs to the park at one time.

In DC, the dog parks are operated and maintained by volunteer organizations that are formed specifically for each park. This is done in conjunction with the city. In other words, some official policing capacities in the hands of  citizens and not government staff, i.e., DC Urban Park Rangers. There is a separate organization for the the 17th Street dog park, Circle Dogs.

  • Avi

    Surprisingly, we came across a new dog park being built up here in Petworth. I’ll try and find it again, but i think it’s called Upshur Dog park.

  • Jessica

    It’s hard enough for me to be 100% watchful over one dog, how can anyone expect that to be possible for 2+ dogs? I personally think 3 is stretching it.

    Why isn’t anyone else demanding that Circle Dogs hold a meeting anytime soon? They don’t respond to emails, so I’m posting here – demand Circle Dogs follows Shaw’s example of proactivity.

  • Liz

    have only been there once so far in the small dog area, and this was a couple of months ago, but noticed there was an unneutered pitbull there – is that allowed?

  • Snoozer

    We’re past the point of debating how many dogs one person can supervise. In my opinion, 10-20 is pretty clearly beyond that number, but the number established by the city, the number we have to live with, is three.

    Some can’t handle one. Others can handle five or six. But a number had to be picked.

    But the numbers aren’t the only story here. The regulations flat out prohibit dog walkers, period. This individual could walk in with ONE dog and he’d still be outside the rules. Further, it appears he’s not a DC resident.

    So, in violation of City Regulations, he’s monopolizing the park, probably not contributing to its upkeep, making a profit on your donations and tax dollars, and harassing your neighbors for standing up for the park.

    Laugh if you want, but if it was your softball field, you’d be screaming blue hell.

  • Jessica

    unfortunately, there are no bans at either Shaw or S St banning unfixed dogs at the parks.

    I’ve seen far too many fights between fixed dogs trying to prove themselves to unfixed ones, and some severe humping (yes, those of us with a good bit of training experience know the difference between dominant mounting and humping).

    But to be fair, those fights aren’t as fun as humans fighting at a dog park!


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