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Lupe Borderstan snow art

Snow art: Lupe checks out a dog and fire hydrant in Petworth. (Stan Cowan)

Ross Elementary School has an open house for interested parents today. Stop by from 9 to 11 a.m. or 5 to 7 p.m. Ross School is at 1730 R Street NW.

ANC 2B/Dupont meets tonight at 7 p.m. at The Brookings Institution, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW (rescheduled from last Wednesday).

ANC 1B has canceled its scheduled Thursday night meeting; it will be rescheduled in March.

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Some interesting, amusing and newsworthy posts at other blogs around town…

DCmud, which reports on DC real estate development, reported last week that the condo project for the southwest corner of 14th and R Streets NW may get underway in April: “That New Condo Smell: Coming Soon to a Parking Lot Near U.” (See November 19 post on the project.) The space at 1638 14th is currently a very small parking lot next to AYT Auto Services. The seven-floor building will have around 30 units and first-floor retail is planned. In terms of retail street traffic, this intersection is a dead zone, so hopefully the plans for “mixed use” will ultmately mean some retail at that corner. DCmud also notes, “The project may also have some direct competition from JBG one block north, which has plans for its own, much larger condo on 14th Street.”

Who can resist a headline like this at New Columbia Heights? “Be careful in the snow! Burned car blocking alley on 11th,” seems to sum up the frustration of this winter’s ongoing snowfall.

At 14th & You, Mr. 14th & You has a fun post, “News Flash: Ex-Manhattanite Finds DC Lacking.” The headline tells you what you need to know before clicking.

Over at why.i.hate.dc, Dave Stroup has a posting from Friday on the derailment of the Redline Metro train, “Was a destination error the cause of Friday’s derailment?”

“Forget the Snow – Garbage is the Big Issue Now,” says the Prince of Petworth. (I would add snow-clogged alleys to the list of issues since the city does NOT plow alleys.) What are you seeing around the Dupont-Logan-U area? Are the public trash cans overflowing onto the ground? Has anyone gone out and bagged up the trash and left it for city crews to pick up?

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There has been a string of robberies on DC’s popular U Street corridor recently, with the crimes occurring at three different cross street locations: 12th, 13th and 14th Streets NW. Another robbery occurred just one block south of U Street on the 1900 block of 14th Street NW.

Two of these four robberies occurred last Friday night, February 12. None of these robberies wase during late-night hours; all were during times when the area would normally be busy with relatively large numbers of people on the street. A gun was used in one of the robberies, at 13th and U last Friday evening at 9:49 p.m. (There was also a gun robbery on the 1300 block of 11th Street last Friday evening.)


  • Tuesday, February 9, Robbery, 7:30 p.m., 12th and U Streets NW, 2 males.
  • Friday, February 12, 8:17 p.m., Robbery with Gun, 1300 block of 11th Street NW (between O and P Streets), 2 males, 1 wearing a ski mask.
  • Friday, February 12, 9:49 p.m., Robbery with Gun, 13th and U Streets NW. 1 male with gun.
  • Friday, February 12, 10:40 p.m., Robbery-Fear, 1900 block of 14th Street NW. 1 male.
  • Monday, February 15, 6:53 p.m., Robbery, 14th and U Streets NW. 2 males.
  • Monday, February 15, 2:54 p.m., Robbery-Pickpocket, 1400 block of S Street NW.

Stolen Auto

  • Monday, Reported on February 8, Stolen Auto, 1400 block of Rhode Island Avenue NW.
  • Thursday, Reported on February 4, Stolen Auto, 1400 block of S Street NW.

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The federal government is opening two hours late today; employees may also take unscheduled leave, according to OPM. Other than that, it’s pretty much business as usual in DC. However, the city snow emergency is still in effect, so remember those parking restrictions. Metrorail is open at all 86 DC metro-area stations.

However, be careful to watch for icy patches on sidewalks and streets. It’s called black ice because it is transparent and takes on the color of the surface beneath it. So, on black pavement, it looks like… black pavement. It is often impossible to see–you only realize it’s there when you slip and loose your footing.

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Dupont Circle crime Logan Circle crime Borderstan crime MPD

Click to enlarge: The location of violent crimes in the Borderstan crime area in January 2010. (MPD Crime database)

Crime for the Borderstan crime reporting area¹ in January 2010 plummeted by 43% from January 2009. The overall decrease was due primarily to sizeable decreases in thefts (down 41%) and thefts from autos or “smash and grabs” (down 66%). All statistics are from the MPD crime database.

All property crimes decreased 49% from the previous January. However, the number of violent crimes remained almost exactly the same: 9 in January 2010 compared to 10 in January 2009, a 10% decrease. There were  decreases in both robberies and gun crimes while the number of assaults was unchanged.

The number of robberies in the Borderstan crime area decreased slightly year-over-year from 8 in January 2009 to 7 in January of this year. The number of gun crimes (robberies and assaults committed with a gun) was also down: 6 gun crimes in January of last year compared to 3 in January of this year.

Longer-term trends show that the number of violent crimes for the month of January over the past four years, 2007-2010, have remained almost exactly the same: 11 in 2007, 10 in 2008, 10 in 2009 and 9 in 2010.

The number of property crimes had risen in January, although not dramatically, between 2007 and 2009–before dropping dramatically in January of this year. Property crimes in January: 52 in 2007, 55 in 2008, 60 in 2009 and 31 in 2010. The dramatic decreases year over year in January were in thefts and thefts from autos.

In January 2009 there were 17 thefts in Borderstan, which dropped to 10 last month. There were 32 thefts from autos in January 2009, which dropped to only 11 in January 2010. The number of burglaries was also down year-over-year from 6 in January 2009 to 4 last month.

Total Crime in January, 2007 – 2010

  • 63 crimes in January 2007
  • 65 crimes in January 2008
  • 70 crimes in January 2009
  • 40 crimes in January 2010 (43% decrease from 2009)

Detailed statistics below the fold.


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snowpocalypse snowmageddon dc snowstorm snowverkill Borderstan

You had to find something to do: This guy dug a snow cave last week near his house in the U Street area.

Other things happened over the past 10 days besides snow. Some stuff anyway. Here is stuff you might have missed–but shouldn’t have.

Bring Google ultra-high speed broadband test pilot to DC. DC Councilmember Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) has an online petition you can sign “to express your support for bringing Google broadband to the District of Columbia.” Cheh wants Google to test its ultra-high speed broadband service in DC so that residents will have more options. Google has announced that it plans to test ultra-high speed broadband internet service in one or more trial locations. Hat tip to Susie Cambria who has more info at her blog.

Clean fire hydrants and storm drains: Please. The DC Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) “is making a plea to all able-bodied District residents to clear snow from the fire hydrants and storm drains near your home or business. Our fire department needs ready access to fire hydrants in an emergency; and melting snow has nowhere to go when our storm drains are blocked, which means it can pool and freeze, creating additional traveling hazards. ”

Video from Wednesday morning’s blizzard. On Wednesday morning, Joel Lawson said he “plowed into the storm… walking through the 35 mph winds of this ‘second wave’ to capture a few scenes, including Swann Street (including alley shots), 14th Street, 15th Street and finally over to Dupont Circle.” Watch the video.

Burger and beer place coming to 14th Street. The Prince of Petworth reports that a a burger and beer garden type of place is coming to the former Garden District space on the northeast corner of 14th and S Streets NW.

“Snowy Stoney’s” time-lapse video. The Washington Post has a wonderful time-lapse video taken in front of Stoney’s on the 1400 block of P Street NW on Tuesday evening.

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DC Snow Emergency at 9 a.m. After lifting the previous snow emergency on Saturday, DC is putting another snow emergency into effect at 9 a.m. this morning. The city will begin treating city streets for the expected light snowfall today. Remember the no-parking rules on certain streets during snow emergencies.

No DC Trash Pick Up Today. Today is President’s Day, which means there is no trash pick up. The Department of Public Works has more details.

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dc snow removal dc snowstorm snowpocalypse snowverkill snowmageddon

Not in Borderstan: Snow removal on Gallatin Street NW on Saturday. (Stan Cowan)

If your car disappears off a DC street, it may not have been stolen: Your car may have been towed to make room for the plows, end loaders and trucks to haul away snow. The DC Department of Transportation sent this tweet around 1 p.m.:

DDOT – If your car is relocated during hauling operations call 576-6071 or Mayor’s Call Center at 311.

Get DDoT updates on Facebook… and Twitter at

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Over at Greater Greater Washington, Dennis Jaffe has a post calling for volunteers to shovel out DC bus stops today. Jaffe is asking people grab a shovel and go clear out WMATA (Metro) bus stops in the area. You can read his post and the reader responses in the comments.

What do you think?

  • Is clearing the snow from bus stops something that Metro should figure out how to do… no matter how overwhelming the two recent snowstorms have been?
  • Are you willing to shovel out a bus stop this time, but not never again?
  • Or do you believe that residents should regularly help out with this type of volunteer action, the same way we are supposed to shovel our sidewalks?

So, is anyone going to shovel out a bus stop today? We have plenty of them in the area.

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Click to enlarge: Help find Sophia the Cockapoo dog. She escaped from her home at New Hampshire and Swann NW at 10 p.m. on Friday.

Update: Sophia has been located and is fine. Some friends of the owner were putting up “Lost” posters and met the people who found Sophia last night–they were putting up “Found” posters for her. Some students attending a conference at the Embassy Row Hilton on Massachusetts Avenue found Sophia near Cosi at the corner of Connecticut and R Street NW.

On Friday night around 10 p.m., a Cockapoo dog named Sophia escaped from her house at New Hampshire and Swann NW. She is not wearing a collar with her ID tags. Please call (703) 283-6753 with any information.

Description of Sophia: White in color with curly hair… small, about 17 pounds… Cockapoo breed but looks like a Poodle or a Pichon.

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Luis Gomez Photos snowpocalypse snowmageddon snowverkill Logan Circle, 15th Street NW Borderstan

Thursday: 15th and S Streets NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Sidewalks left unshoveled by residents and businesses in the wake of the city’s two recent snowstorms are generating anger and activism in DC.

Tuesday’s post, “Will DC Enforce the Law on Shoveling Sidewalks?” generated a healthy number of reader comments about residents and businesses who do not shovel their sidewalks. DC states that property owners are responsible for removing the snow on sidewalks abutting their property within eight daylight hours after a storm stops; read the regulations here.

But the law is not working–the Dupont-Logan-U Street area (and much of the city, undoubtedly) remains a hazardous collection of snow and ice-ladden sidewalks. To be fair, many residents and businesses have shoveled their walks, but a walk anywhere in the area shows that many have not done so.

Why have snow- and ice-clogged sidewalks been such a problem during the recent heavy snowstorms? It is probably due to the fact that property owners face no real penalties and there is no mechanism for enforcing the regulation and the fines, which are miniscule.

Local resident Josh Glasstetter has a good post at Next American City titled “Snow Excuse,” in which he outlines how DC can revamp the law on sidewalk shoveling to actually give it some teeth and make it effective–and it obviously is not effective in its current form. He suggests a system in which non-shovelers would be issued tickets, similar to parking tickets.

In a sign of how important clear sidewalks are to Washingtonians, especially those in densely populated downtown neighbohoods, local groups have sprung up to handle the problem.

Moreover, local blogs and community listservs have given the issue attention. Unshoveled sidewalks is generating many messages and spirited discussion over at the Dupont Forum on Yahoo! Groups. Other sites, including 14th & You and Greater Greater Washington, have written about it.

At GGW there was a Wednesday post, “Tenleytowners digging each other out,” about a community effort in Tenleytown to shovel sidewalks on Thursday (“Tenleytown Insurrectional Snow Cleanup and Snowball Fight” on Facebook). The group also used shame as a tool against residents and businesses by posting pre-made signs where sidewalks were not shoveled. The sign is great; you really have to read it.

There was even a group formed on Facebook to get volunteers to shovel sidewalks yesterday. “SHOVE(L) IT, DC!” was formed especially to help the elderly and disabled by Will Stephens, an ANC 2B/Dupont commissioner.

This is a real issue for urban neighborhoods, especially downtown ones such as Dupont-Logan-U Street. We shop and commute via our sidewalks, which are as important to us as streets. Our neighborhood has many residents who walk to work–they do not take public transportation, let alone drive. Local businesses depend on customers being able to get to their stores.

This makes the issue of sidewalks a quality of life issue, not some boutique issue that only affects a few Washingtonians. In short, it matters.

My advice to DC politicians and officeholders would be to pay attention to the issue of sidewalks, especially unshoveled ones during snowstorms.

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Good morning, Borderstanis. Life is beginning to return to something approaching normal and regular in DC–and normal and regular never looked so good. Here is a quick status update. So, back to work, but remember that Monday is Presidents’ Day, a federal holiday!

  • Alert DC. Remember to sign up for alerts with Alert DC, which will give you updates on what’s happening with the DC Government and other important information for DC residents; you can have alerts sent to your email or cell phone.
  • Federal Government. OPM says the Federal Government is open today… but opening two hours late. However, employees can take unscheduled leave.
  • DC Government. The DC Government is open today, with offices opening at the regular time.
  • DC Public Schools. It is a non-school day for students as today was already a professional development day for teachers and staff. Administrative offices are open. Schools are also closed Monday for Presidents’ Day.
  • Trash Collection. The DC Department of Public Works has announced it will collect trash today from the front properties of those homes with a Friday collection day. Residents are asked to place their trash in dark colored plastic (not paper) bags and place the bags at the curb for collection. But, there is no recycling pick up today.
  • Mail? I haven’t heard yet whether the Post Office will deliver mail today. We didn’t get any mail yesterday, so let’s hope conditions permit our route carriers to be back on the job today.
  • Metrobus and Metrorail. Metrobus service is opening on limited routes and Metro hopes to add more routes throughout the day. Metrorail is open aboveground at a number of locations, but not all. Best advice? Get the details at the Metro Web site. Remember that you can sign up for Metro’s eAlerts for updates on Metro service.
  • Circulator Bus. DDoT is resuming full Circulator bus service today–but there may be detours and longer than usual waits between buses.  Get updates via Twitter at at http://www.twitter/DDOTDC.

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Luis Gomez Photos Borderstan Dupont Circle Logan Circle snowpocalypse snowmageddon snowverill

Click to enlarge: Scenes from the ongoing Snowpocalypse in Dupont – Logan. (Luis Gomez Photos)

These posts are starting to write themselves. Here goes again, a quick round up of what’s open or closed… happening or postponed. If you have more information, please post it in the comments.

  • Alert DC. Remember to sign up for alerts with Alert DC, which will give you updates on what’s happening with the DC Government and other important information for DC residents; you can have alerts sent to your email or cell phone.
  • Snow Emergency. The snow emergency is still in effect in DC. Remember the rules about parking your car on certain streets.
  • Government and schools closed. The DC Government and the Federal Government are both closed as are DC Public Schools.
  • Mail? I haven’t heard yet whether the Post Office will deliver mail today.
  • Metrobus and Metrorail. There is no Metrobus service again today. Once more, all above-ground Metrorail service is suspended; there is only limited underground rail service today; details at the Metro Web site. You can sign up for Metro’s eAlerts for updates on Metro service.
  • Circulator Bus. DDoT is resuming limited Circulator bus service at 10 a.m. on two routes with longer than normal waits between buses. The two routes are Union Station-Georgetown and Woodley Park-Adams Morgan-McPherson Square Metro. (A detour is still in effect on the Georgetown-Union Station route with buses not operating on Wisconsin Avenue north of M Street. Georgetown is being served westbound on lower K Street and eastbound on M Street.) DDoT may add more buses and routes throughout the day, weather permitting. However, Circulator buses may also have to stop service early depending on conditions. Check out the Circulator Web site for more information. Get updates via Twitter at at http://www.twitter/DDOTDC.
  • U Street Neighborhood Association. The U Street Neighborhood Association Meeting, which was scheduled for Thursday, February 11, has been postponed.

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