Readers Give Tough Marks on City’s Snow Removal Efforts

by Borderstan.com March 10, 2010 at 10:00 am 3 Comments

We ran a reader opinion poll last Wednesday, “Poll: Grade DC’s Snow Removal Efforts this Winter.” We asked readers to grade the city’s snow removal efforts for the entire winter:

How did the DC Government do in its efforts to remove snow from the city’s streets this winter? When giving your grade, consider the December snowstorm as well as the back-to-back storms in February that comprised Snowpocalypse.

A total of 129 readers responded. The city got Excellent or Good marks from 34% of readers while 41% gave Poor/Failing marks. In the middle were 25% of readers who gave the DC government a fair mark for snow removal efforts. Here is how Borderstan readers graded the effort:

  • A/Excellent – 8%
  • B/Good – 26%
  • C/Fair – 26%
  • D/Poor – 25%
  • F/Fail – 15%

  • Penelope

    I was neither happy nor unhappy about the city’s snow removal. It did seem chaotic but there was a *lot* of snow as we all know.
    What really made me angry was that they have increased their ticket writing exponentially.
    They took away several parking spots to put the Southbound bike lanes and filled several other legal parking spots with huge berms of snow. But if you park past the “no parking” sign (still more than 20 feet or so from the corner) they ticket immediately – in my case within 15 minutes, at 9:15 PM on a Saturday night!!.

    So much for the “unwritten rule” of allowing residents to park illegally or semi-legally overnight as was mentioned in this blog a few weeks (months?) ago.

  • Taboo

    I gave the city a B grade. It was kind of tough to grade because we only have such huge snowstorms here once every few decades (or more). I know it doesn’t make sense for the city to own too much snow removal equipment. What I don’t know is whether the city was adequately prepared in terms of private contractors. Has there been anything on that?

  • Kevin

    What about rating the city’s efforts to have residents shovel their sidewalks. I can’t tell you the number of sidwalks from 14th & Q steets to Dupont Circle that remained snowbound a week after the snow stopped falling.


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