• dcvoterboy

    why is Bus not considered Metro?

    Metro is more than just trains. Metro is a network of bus and rail – why treat bus like its not part of Metro in your poll?

    • The goal was to find out the breakout between bus and subway. That’s all!The bus system is VERY important in DC and covers far more of the city than the subway stops do. I was NOT dissing the bus — just the opposite.

  • Len

    Some of us work in more than one place. I use a car some days and walk others. Since I couldn’t choose more than one answer, I put “other” which isn’t really the answer either.

  • tdw

    Lots of us take different types of transportation on different days (even those of us who work in one place).

  • BobinDC

    I drive to work only because I have to do so. I work in a suburban area where the public transportation options are horribly limited. I think one of the DC metro area’s biggeset weaknesses in terms of transportation is a lack of a large commuter train system. Think of the commuter train systems in the New York, Philadelphia and Chicago areas. They are huge and extensive. Unfortunately, I don’t see any move in this region to create something approaching that.


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