Stuff You Might Have Missed (But Shouldn’t Have)

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February 2010: Where is this coastline, what country? What large city lies behind the mountains? (Borderstan)

Note on the above photo: I decided to steal an idea from Greater Greater Washington‘s “What’s That?” and run a mystery photo today. I took it in February on a trip abroad. Where is it? What coastline is it and what large city lies behind the mountains? Hint: It is not in North America.

Closer to home, it’s Tuesday and time for another edition of stuff you might have missed (but shouldn’t have). Here are interesting tidbits from other blogs related to the Borderstan area and DC.

Real World DC house gets tenant. As reported by Urban Turf, the house that was the site of reality TV show, Real World DC, at 20th and S Streets NW now has a tenant: “Local non-profit HealthHIV has signed a lease for the top two floors of the Real World mansion in Dupont Circle (map).” Read the post for details.

Strange restaurant names. The Brightest Young Things opine on bad restaurant names in the DC area. Two of them are on/near 17th Street (both places I like): Steam Cafe at 17th and S NW (great croissants) and The Sacrificial Lamb on the 1700 block of R Street (recently opened). Check out the list for yourself, but don’t judge a restaurant by its name.

Google Maps adds biking directions. You can now get directions on Google Maps for your trip via bicycle in addition to car, public transit and walking. (Hat tip to dcist.)

Giant billboards at Gallery Place?: From Greater Greater Washington: “The owner of the Clydes/Urban Outfitters building at Gallery Place suggested giant video billboards which would protrude over the sidewalk, block views, and violate city codes. It’s probably illegal barring legislation, but residents are preemptively organizing to stop it.”

Georgetown secession? From The Washington City Paper City Desk: “Carol Joynt wishes Georgetown could secede from DC, mostly so Georgetowners wouldn’t have to contribute tax money to anything that benefits others. We Love DC calls it ‘adolescent fantasy.’ ”

“Top Chef” coming to DC. Foodies and other devotes of reality TV already know this one, but yes, Top Chef is coming to DC with filming to commence on April 5. (Hat tip to We Love DC.)


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