What City is This?

by Borderstan.com March 17, 2010 at 5:00 am 19 Comments


This city of several million people is located in a mountain valley close to the coast.  It is not in North America. Where is it? (Borderstan)

Since no one was able to determine the location of the coastline in yesterday’s mystery photo, here is another photo clue. (I also took this photo in February.) The above photo is of a section of the city behind the coastal mountain range in yesterday’s photo. It is not in North America… it a cosmopolitan city of several million people… it was the destination of large numbers of southern European immigrants from the 1950s to 1970s… the climate is hot but not particularly humid. Where is it?

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  1. I say it is Santiago, Chile.

  2. I will say it is on the other side of South America from Santiago — it is Rio.

  3. I was in Chile a year ago and also guess Santiago.

  4. Since I know…I’m prohibited from playing! Have fun y’all!

  5. I want to say Perry, IL, but you say it is NOT in North America? Are you sure?

  6. Sao Paulo is my guess.

  7. I was leaning towards Santiago, as well, but there wasn’t that much Italian immigration in the 50s, while leaves Argentina and Brazil, and the Argentine coast doesn’t have mountains, so Rio it is.

  8. @David: You are on to something with the Italian immigration!

  9. Oh I’m late to the game, but it’s totally Sao Paolo

  10. Keep guessing, folks! Final hint: This city is in South America, but no one has gotten it right yet. — mattyillini

  11. I think this is Caracas, Venezuela, which is about 10 km from the coast, located in a valley and separated from the coast by mountains.

    In the 1950s, Caracas attracted a large number of immigrants, including from Italy, due to an oil boom.

    The part of your description that concerns me is where you say it’s not particularly humid. Caracas is a bit wetter in summer months, but if you were there in the winter (December-February), it’s very much the dry season and would not be humid.

    Of all the places I can think of, I think Caracas is it.

  12. When I clicked ‘submit comment’ to my answer, your answer was not showing yet!

    The state of Sao Paulo is by coast but the city is not. I’m from Rio and we usually make fun of paulistas because they are far from the beach 🙂

  13. Sao Paulo is not near the coast, Rio is right at the coast (not behind the coastal mountain range) and it’s definitely humid, so I wouldn’t say the pictures were taken in any of these Brazilian cities. I’d guess they were taken in Caracas?

  14. I think Sao Paulo is ~30 km from the coast, but it’s much denser and is situated on a plateau and not in a valley.

    Agree, that it’s Caracas.

  15. Buenos Aires, Argentina

  16. The coastline in the first picture is at Mamo, Venezuela – zoom on down in the Google Maps satellite photo, and you can see both the jetties and the beaches/cliffs in exactly the same shape.

    Behind that mountain range indeed is Caracas, Venezuela.

  17. Ames, Iowa

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