Stuff You Might Have Missed (But Shouldn’t Have)

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Borderstan Dupont Circle Luis Gomez Photos

16th and Q Streets NW, southwest corner: One of the banners placed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) at its offices. (Luis Gomez Photos)

U Street Girl Blog threatened with legal action for post comment. This might be a good example of how not to win over the public as you prepare to open a new business. The blog is U Street Girl and the business is Du Vin Osteria. As U Street Girl explains:

Tonight, I removed a comment on my post “Du Vin Osteria coming to 14th and Florida” because the owner of Du Vin Osteria, David Shott, sent me an email requesting me to do so, because he found the comment libelous. He also stated he would take legal action if necessary.

Read the whole post–and the comments, too. By the way, U Street Girl did nothing illegal or libelous. Moreover, this story is being picked up by blogs all over DC.

“14th Street Burger Joint Running Into Strong Opposition.” The burger and beer joint (after the plans for a creperie fell through) planned for the northeast corner of 14th and S NW is running into some neighborly opposition. 14th & You has the story: “Thaddeus Curtz, a cook at esteemed Cathedral Heights pizza place 2 Amys, would like to bring a bit of Manhattan to 14th Street, but things aren’t looking too good for his business plan…” This is the former site of Garden District, which is now at the southwest corner of the intersection.

Concern about man walking around with rabid raccoon. This, of course, comes under the heading of “Stuff You Cannot Make Up.” This story comes to us via Washington City Paper City Desk and Prince of Petworth. From City Desk: “Evidently, a guy and a raccoon crossed paths in the 1300 block of  Shepherd Street NW. For some reason, the man picked up the animal and carried it around for a while. Unfortunately for him, the raccoon was later determined to be rabid…” You really need to read the entire post to understand.

An iPhone app for Ben’s Chili Bowl? No, I don’t quite understand what they’re looking for either. I will let We Love DC explain it for you. I will note that there is a contest to design the iPhone application for the U Street eatery–so have at it, if you can figure out what kind of app. Or perhaps I am simply old and clueless?

A robbery waiting to happen. Read “Spotting a Near Mugging” at why i hate dc.  Moral of the story: Call the police when you see two guys don masks and hide in the bushes on a quiet side street.

Street sweeping resumed Monday–but no ticketing until the 29th. DDoT resumed daytime residential street sweeping on Monday. However, tickets will not be issued if you don’t move your car until the following Monday the 29th. But, please move your car: the streets are dirty.

New development at 9th and N Streets NW? Douglas Development may be planning something for this corner, which is currently occupied by Old City Green. Renew Shaw has details.

You could fit all the world’s people into 70% of Texas if the density was the same as Brooklyn. I assume there would be bike lanes. Seriously, I love the stuff that the contributors at Greater Greater Washington publish about urban planning, transportation, etc. Some of it is quite dense for my limited background in the subject area. But, here is a fun one from today: “The granite nation: What if all 300 million Americans lived at the population density of Brooklyn. Where could we all fit? New Hampshire. Ryan Avent adds more statistics: The U.S. could fit the entire world’s population at the density of Fairfax County, or inside 70% of Texas at Brooklyn density.” The links are great reads.


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