15th & Corcoran NW: No Injuries in 10 PM Truck Fire

by Borderstan.com April 28, 2010 at 11:03 pm 3,148 4 Comments

Note: This is a firsthand account.

At approximately 10 pm a Maryland couple was driving their 1995 Isuzu SUV north on 15th Street NW when they noticed flames coming ouf the truck on the driver’s side. They stopped the truck at the northeast corner of 15th and Corcoran and got out before the truck went up in flames. No one was injured and the fire did not spread to surrounding vehicles or buildings.

DC police officers on the scene verified the details of the incident.

Luis Gomez Photos 15th Street Borderstan Truck Fire

Click to enlarge: Photos of the truck fire tonight at 15th and Corcoran NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The fire and sounds of melting plastic and glass caused loud popping explosions that could be heard for several blocks. Police arrived on the scene and blocked off 15th Street NW. However, it was an estimated 8 minutes (the estimated time is confirmed by reports from several people on hand) before the DC Fire Department arrived.

The vehicle was burning out of control when the fire trucks arrived, but the fire was easily extinguished. The couple driving the SUV were able to move safely away from the vehicle and were giving a report to DC police.


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