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Luis Gomez Photos Borderstan Mystery City #10

Mystery City #10 from Luis: This city is in Latin America. (Tobby Dic)

We bring you Mystery City #10  We will reveal the city on Friday. Previous Mystery Cities were Caracas, Valaparaiso, Sydney, Bratislava, La Paz and Santiago, Long Beach, Toronto and St. Louis.

Yes, Mystery City #10 is in Latin America–but we’re not saying which continent.

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Click for the slide show: Rolling Thunder 2010 on Constitution Avenue NW and the National Mall. (Luis Gomez Photos)

No, Rolling Thunder does not occur in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area, but we have seen and heard a fair number of visitors on hogs the past several days. The group comes to DC each Memorial Day weekend and holds its annual parade on Sunday. It is “dedicated to the search of American soldiers who are prisoners of war ‘POW’/missing in action ‘MIA’ ” and contains many veterans of the Vietnam War.

Our photos are from today’s Rolling Thunder parade down Constitution Avenue NW and riders with their bikes on The National Mall.

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(Image: MPD Facebook page.)

It looks that way. There were two robberies in the area this afternoon in the 4 to 4:30 pm time frame and it appears that the same suspect committed both of them, one in the 1500 block of O Street NW and the other at 14th and T NW. The suspect description is below.

From DC Police Alert:

Robbery in the 1500blk of O St. NW. Robbery at 14th and T St. NW.LOF A B/M, 21 Y/O, GRAY TEE SHIRT, DRK JEANS, THIN BUILD, 140 LBS, L/S RUNNING E/B ON T ST DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #I20100283702

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Luis Gomez Photos Borderstan Logan Circle Memorial Dayt

John A. Logan: The man on horseback in Logan Circle is credited with the creation of Memorial Day after the Civil War. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The statue of the general on horseback in the middle of Logan Circle honors the man credited with creating Memorial Day, which originally honored the Civil War dead. Logan Circle is name for Civil War General John Alexander Logan, an Illinoisan. He was later a U.S. representative and senator (Republican) from The Prairie State and the 1884 candidate for vice president on the GOP ticket.

The annual celebration of Memorial Day in Logan Circle is sponsored by the Logan Circle Community Association (LCCA), the Illinois State Society and the National Park Service. This year’s events include:

  • 12:30 to 1:30 pm: Concert by the Ars Nova Chamber Orchestra.
  • 2 pm: Memorial Day commemoration with a wreath-laying ceremony at the statue of General John Logan in the middle of the Circle and remarks by local dignitaries. Following the ceremony you can have refreshments at the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House at 1318 Vermont Avenue NW (just south of Logan Circle).
  • 4:30 to 6:30 pm: New Orleans-style jazz performed by the Raddy International LLC band.

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Luis Gomez Photos event photography United House of Prayer Logan Circle

Click for slide show: Saturday’s United House of Prayer For All People parade wounds its way around Logan Circle for more than two hours. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Yesterday’s annual parade of the United House of Prayer For All People lasted more than two hours and featured the church’s current bishop as well as numerous brass bands and uniformed marchers. The parade began its trip around Logan Circle around 12:20 pm after leaving the staging area in Shaw at 6th and M NW. Congregations from up and down the east coast participate in the parade.

Logan Circle is important because UHOP still owns the house at 11 Logan Circle NW where the denomination’s founder once lived–Bishop Charles Manuel (Sweet Daddy) Grace.

Cultural Tourism DC has a good write up about Grace and the history of the house and you can also learn more about the history of UHOP at the church website. Grace was born Marcelino Manuel da Gracain 1884 in Brava Cape Verde Islands, a Portuguese possession off the west coast of Africa. He moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1903 and incorporated UHOP in 1927 in DC; he died in 1960.

Luis Gomez Photos Logan Circle Borderstan United House of Prayer

The circa 1957 Cadillac Fleetwood bearing DC tags, “Daddy,” was part of Saturday’s UHOP parade. UHOP has its headquarters in Shaw and still owns the house at 11 Logan Circle NW where Grace lived until his death in 1960.

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Memorial Day in DC: No trash pick up and no enforcement of parking regulations. (DPW website)

Monday is Memorial Day and city services are affected.

Trash Collection

There will be no trash and recycling collections on Monday, May 31. Trash and recycling collections will “slide” to the next day for the remainder of the week. For example, Monday’s trash and recycling collections will be made on Tuesday and Tuesday’s collections will be made on Wednesday. In neighborhoods with twice-weekly trash collections, Monday and Thursday collections will be made Tuesday and Friday. Collections normally made on Tuesday and Friday, will be made Wednesday and Saturday. Trash and recycling containers should be placed out for collection no earlier than 6:30 pm the night before collection and removed from public space by 8 pm on the day(s) of collection.

Parking Enforcement

DPW will suspend enforcement of parking meters, residential parking, and rush hour lane restrictions. It also will suspend towing of abandoned vehicles.

Other Services

Other services suspended for Memorial Day include scheduled street and alley cleaning and nuisance abatement. All services will resume Tuesday, June 1.

More information is available at the DC Department of Public Works (DPW) website and on DPW’s Facebook Page.

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MPD homicide detectives are seeking information in the death of a 40-year-old Silver Spring man who died early Friday morning after being stabbed. He was found in front of 1936 9th Street NW. (MPD website)

DC Police have released the name of the murder victim who died early yesterday morning after being stabbed on the 1900 block of 9th Street NW. He was 40-year-old Assefaw Teweld Hagos of  Silver Spring, MD.

MPD homicide detectives are investigating the murder and anyone with information should call (202) 727-9099 or 1-888-919-CRIME (1-888-919-2746). MPD offers a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone that provides information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons wanted for any homicide committed in the DC.

According to the  latest information from MPD:

“On Friday, May 28, 2010 at approximately 2:19 am, a unit from the Third District was alerted at 9th and U Streets, NW by a citizen who directed the officers to a male who was lying on the sidewalk in front of 1936 9th St., NW. The victim was suffering from an apparent stab wound to the chest. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene, transported the victim to Howard University Hospitalwhere he succumbed to his injury and was pronounced dead at approximately 3:04 am. The victim’s remains were transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for an autopsy.”

The 1900 block of 9th is between T and U Streets and is home to numerous restaurants and clubs including Nellie’s Sports Bar (at the corner), La Carbonara and DC9. The area is part of DC’s Little Ethiopia community and the U Street corridor area.

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Luis Gomez Photos Gateway Arch St. Louis Borderstan

This photo of downtown St. Louis was taken from atop the Gateway Arch. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Mystery City #9 was obviously too easy as 60% of you guessed that the photo was of St. Louis (21% said Oklahoma City, 12% opted for Kansas City (KS) and 7% voted for Waco). Even our regular commenters–with helpful hints and links–must have thought it too simply obvious.

Luis took this shot of downtown St. Louis, looking west, from atop the Gateway Arch. The beautiful building below is the Old Courthouse, which is now a museum. It was also the site of the first two trials of the Dred Scott case in 1847 and 1850, and where Virginia Minor’s case for a woman’s right to vote came to trial in the 1870s. There is also a well-known photograph from late in the 2008 presidential campaign when Barack Obama held a huge rally in the space around the Old Courthouse.

We will have Mystery City #10 on Tuesday and Luis promises that this one will be much more difficult than St. Louis. Previous Mystery Cities have included Caracas, Valaparaiso, Sydney, Bratislava, La Paz and Santiago, Long Beach and Toronto.

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Luis Gomez Photos stabbing death U Street NW MPD

The stabbing death early this morning was on the 1900 block of 9th Street NW, between T and U. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Monday afternoon UPDATE: The Washington Post says that DC Police have charged “Samson Alemayhu, 48, with first-degree murder while armed. Alemayhu is accused of killing Assefaw Hagos.” — Borderstan

Friday afternoon UPDATE: Props to dcist for the news that the stabbing victim found this morning was later pronounced dead.

MPD’s Third District is looking for information on a stabbing that occurred early this morning around 2:30 am on the 1900 block of 9th Street NW. Anyone with information should contact MPD at 202-727-9099. You can also provide information to the anonymous tip line at 1-888-919-CRIME or text to 50411.

Third District Commander Jacob Kishter sent out the appeal for information on the 3D listserv early Friday morning. The 1900 block of 9th is between T and U Streets and is home to numerous restaurants and clubs including Nellie’s Sports Bar (at the corner), La Carbonara and DC9. The area is part of DC’s Little Ethiopia community and the U Street corridor area.

The U Street corridor/area is not immune to violent crime. Even with all the new restaurants and stores and huge number of people on the street, the area still has its share of robberies, assaults and stolen autos. In fact, one could guess that the large number of people on the street–with money, credit cards and expensive phones in their pockets–actually attract thieves and muggers.

We report monthly crime stats for the U Street corridor each month here at Borderstan as well as Crimes of Note for the entire area each Wednesday. Advice: Be careful, watch your belongings and do not head home alone late at night after clubbing or dining on U Street NW. Of course, robberies also occur during the day: Remember Nellie’s Sports Bar? The same common sense principles apply to 17th Street and 14th Street. This is the big city, folks.

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DC Food Bloggers One Bite At A Time Alejandra Owens

Time to get grillin’ this weekend! (Alejandra Owens)

From Alejandra Owens at One Bite At A Time

Hosting a BBQ this weekend? Don’t want to settle for boring hot dogs and regular old burgers? GOOD! I’ve got just the post for you!

You have plenty of time to pick a few recipes from the ones I’ve collected below–all from your very own DC Food Bloggers–and then get to the grocery store.

Don’t be afraid. None of us are so “gourmet” that you can’t make these recipes easily or quickly. Plus, we’ll give you the low-down on any given recipe and throw in a few tips and tricks while we’re at  it!

Making a few BBQ standards special will get everyone at your picnic, backyard or roof deck extra excited about your party. What? Don’t you want to be the envy of all your friends?

Have fun grillin’ it up this weekend folks! Share your favorite grill recipes with us in the comments.

Main Dishes

Carne Asada Tacos from One Bite At A Time (that’s me!)

Grilled Low Country Boil from The Bitten Word

Best BBQ Chicken from The Bitten Word

Grilled Pizza from Pete Bakes!

Ancho Chile Burgers from Pati’s Mexican Table

Sun Dried Tomato and Garlic Scape Pesto Buffalo Burgers from Adventures in Shaw

Grilled Seafood Medley from Macheesmo

Dry Rubbed Slow Cooker Pulled Pork from Dine Like A Pauper

Sides and Salads

Smoky Corn Salad from Not Derby Pie

Coleslaw (Hold the Mayo!) from The Arugula Files

The Best Guacamole. Ever. from One Bite At A Time (that’s me!)

Edammame Succotash from State  Dinner

Grilled Romaine with Blue Cheese from A Girl’s Gotta Eat (scroll down a little)

Not So Potato-y Salad from Not Derby Pie

Cilantro Garlic Yogurt Sauce from One Bite At A Time

Strawberry Arugula Salad with Feta Dressing from The Arugula Files

Tuscan Bean Dip from The Passion Fruits

Cat’s Famous Sausage Dip from Adventures of a Florida Girl In DC

Habanero Salsa from Pati’s Mexican Table

Grilled Parmesan Potatoes from Adventures of a Florida Girl In DC


Tequila Soaked Watermelon Wedges from The Bitten Word

Peppermint Brownies from The Passion Fruits

Churkey’s Caramel Corn from Modern Domestic

Bacon Wrapped Strawberries from Pete Bakes!

Seriously Vanilla Cupcakes from Nikki Rappaport

Watermelon Mimosas from Modern Domestic

Strawberry Meyer Lemon Cocktails from Adventures in Shaw

White Sangria from Macheesmo

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Luis Gomez Photos Borderstan reader poll

Is navigating the Bay Bridge in your holiday plans? (Luis Gomez Photos)

Memorial Day: It’s the traditional beginning of the U.S. summer season… a three-day weekend with parades and barbecues… trips to the beach… and highway gridlock on the eastern seaboard.

So, what are you plans this weekend?

<br /> <a href=””>Memorial Day Weekend Plans?</a></p> <p><span style=”font:9px;”>(<a href=””>polls</a>)</span><br />

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dc streetcars Logan Circle U Street NW Luis Gomez Photos

The first streetcars since 1962 are schedule to hit DC tracks in 2012 on the H Street-Benning Road NE line. The Anacostia line comes next in Phase 1 of the city plans. Phase 2 plans show lines on U Street and 14th Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

After DC Council Chairman Vincent Gray changed his mind, the DC Council reversed itself yesterday and restored fiscal year 2011 funding for work on the H Street-Benning Road NE portion of DC’s new streetcar system.

Earlier in the day, the Council voted 11 to 2 to remove $50 million in streetcar funding as part of efforts to close a $550 million budget gap.

The Washington Post describes the scenario that led to Gray’s change of heart:

But hours later — after a backlash from at least one member of Congress and hundreds of residents who jammed government phone lines, community e-mail groups and Gray’s Web site — the late-night maneuver had been scrapped. By midday Wednesday, Gray was back at the council dais, telling his colleagues that he and city finance officials had found $50 million to keep the streetcar program on track.

Mayor Adrian Fenty strongly supports the planned 37-mile system and the first part of the line is scheduled to open in fall 2012, the H Street-Benning Road NE line. Gray is Fenty’s main challenger in the September 14 Democratic primary for mayor. Gray’s campaign released a statement yesterday afternoon regarding Gray’s support of the new streetcar system.

The next section of Phase 1s the Anacostia line. Phase 2 of the city’s streetcar plans (DDoT map) put tracks in the Logan Circle-U Street area–on 14th Street and U Street NW. The last tracks of DC’s first streetcar system were removed in 1962.

The DC Council is also under great pressure to maintain levels of social services spending as it figures out ways to balance next year’s budget–groups demanding no cuts in social services were at the DC Council Tuesday.

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Missy Frederick at The Washington Business Journal reported Wednesday that Diamond District Seafood Company has dropped its plans for  a restaurant at 1608 14th Street NW (former site of the 100% Mexico shop). WBJ reports that the owner “ran into kinks with the location.” Nothing was mentioned in the article about the issues around the number of restaurants and bars on the 14th and U Street corridors affected the owner’s decision.

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United House of Prayer For All People holds its annual Memorial Day weekend parade this Saturday. The parade goes around Logan Circle where the church’s founder once lived in the house at number 11. (Luis Gomez Photos)

What’s Memorial Day weekend without a parade? You’re in luck if you live anywhere near Logan Circle or in Shaw. The United House of Prayer For All People holds its annual parade this Saturday, May 29. This is a decades-old tradition and members of church congregations from up and down the east coast march in the parade, dressed in white. Expect the parade to make its way around Logan Circle sometime around 11 am to noon–including marching bands. (We’ll try to get a more exact time.)

The group assembles at 10 am at UHOP at 6th and M Streets NW:

The parade will form at 6th and M Street NW and will proceed over the following route: North on 6th Street to S Street, West on S Street to 13th Street to Logan Circle, Southeast around Logan Circle to P Street, East on P Street to 7th Street, South on 7th Street to M Street, East on M Street to 6th where participants will disband.

The march around Logan Circle is important because the house at 11 Logan Circle NW was the home of the church’s founder, Bishop Charles Manuel (Sweet Daddy)Grace. Cultural Tourism DC has a good write up about Grace and the history of the house.

You can learn more about the history of UHOP at the church website. Grace was born Marcelino Manuel da Gracain 1884 in Brava Cape Verde Islands, a Portuguese possession off the west coast of Africa. He moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1903 and incorporated UHOP in 1927 in DC; he died in 1960.

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Luis Gomez Photos 14th Street NW U Street NW live music

Get live music listings at eight venues in Borderstan… below the fold. Friday and Saturday shows at the 9:30 Club are sold out. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Here is your listing of live music at venues in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area. If you want to head out your door at the last minute to take in some music close to home, here are the places to go.



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