Police Seek Info on Stabbing Death, 1900 9th St. NW

by Borderstan.com May 28, 2010 at 9:02 am 1,295 3 Comments

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The stabbing death early this morning was on the 1900 block of 9th Street NW, between T and U. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Monday afternoon UPDATE: The Washington Post says that DC Police have charged “Samson Alemayhu, 48, with first-degree murder while armed. Alemayhu is accused of killing Assefaw Hagos.” — Borderstan

Friday afternoon UPDATE: Props to dcist for the news that the stabbing victim found this morning was later pronounced dead.

MPD’s Third District is looking for information on a stabbing that occurred early this morning around 2:30 am on the 1900 block of 9th Street NW. Anyone with information should contact MPD at 202-727-9099. You can also provide information to the anonymous tip line at 1-888-919-CRIME or text to 50411.

Third District Commander Jacob Kishter sent out the appeal for information on the 3D listserv early Friday morning. The 1900 block of 9th is between T and U Streets and is home to numerous restaurants and clubs including Nellie’s Sports Bar (at the corner), La Carbonara and DC9. The area is part of DC’s Little Ethiopia community and the U Street corridor area.

The U Street corridor/area is not immune to violent crime. Even with all the new restaurants and stores and huge number of people on the street, the area still has its share of robberies, assaults and stolen autos. In fact, one could guess that the large number of people on the street–with money, credit cards and expensive phones in their pockets–actually attract thieves and muggers.

We report monthly crime stats for the U Street corridor each month here at Borderstan as well as Crimes of Note for the entire area each Wednesday. Advice: Be careful, watch your belongings and do not head home alone late at night after clubbing or dining on U Street NW. Of course, robberies also occur during the day: Remember Nellie’s Sports Bar? The same common sense principles apply to 17th Street and 14th Street. This is the big city, folks.

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  • Loganboy

    It’s not like they are never any robberies or gun crimes in the area. This stuff seems to still happen around U Street.

  • Steve

    Just a heads up on increased muggings and an actual strangulation of a robber’s victim in the Mount Vernon Square area. Check out the MVS neighborhood yahoo group for more info. Thanks.

    There has been a rash of attacks recently in the same place on the 1100 block of 5th St, just north of New York Ave, culminating in one episode about 30 minutes ago in which the assailant reportedly attempted to strangle the female victim.

    The repeated assaults and robberies are highly localized on the west side of the block around #1118-1120 5th St, directly across from the alley that runs east to the rear of the Yale Lofts with exits to M and 4th Streets.

    The attacks have been occurring between sundown to midnight (these are not “why were you out at that time?!” attacks, these are evening grocery runs and the like).

    There are several homes in that stretch of the block whose stoops are unlit or very poorly lit at night. Â The site of the attacks is particularly dark. Â I urge those homeowners to invest in better security lighting. Â Fifth Street Hardware sells reasonably attractive models that cast good light for about $20 to $30.


    The assult last night took place in front of my home. Last night my front light on as was my neighbor’s front light. Not only that, our inside lights were on and I was sitting at my desk right in front of the window.

    The muggings are occuring mid-block because it allows for a quick escape to the alley that runs between 4th St and NY Ave. My neighbors briefly gave chase into the alley. There was an escape car waiting in the alley with a driver. (I believe a black Audi, not DC plates). From the alley it is a quick escape to 395. The victim had been walking home from Safeway. The scenarios are similar..all 3 attacks (all occuring in just over 1 month) in front of my home have been women, all at approx 10:30pm, all were carrying purses.

    Unfortunately, when discussing with police on the scene the need to get a handle on these muggings, it was suggested that I add a camera to my home security system to try to capture the muggings on tape. I kindly told the officer that if the city would like to cover the cost of a camera system, I would be happy to have it installed. I certainly don’t think this is the solution and I am hopeful that MPD will attempt to arrive at a better strategy for cracking down on the number of muggings in our neighborhood. It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

  • 17th and S

    To add to this, a friend of mine and her brothers were walking a friend back to her car when they were jumped by several men on Eye St between sixth and seventh last Friday around midnight. They beat the two brothers so severely that one was hospitalized. Three of the 12+ attackers were caught by police. The police said that the crime would only get worse.


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