Reader Polls: Gay Hoods, Home Buyers, Where You Live

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We like reader polls here at Borderstan. While unscientifc, they are fun and provide at least some insight into what our readers are thinking and doing.

Check out this week’s reader poll in the right navigation bar: “Where do you work?”  This being DC, there are 11 choices and when you see all of them, you will understand why there are so many.

The results of three polls last week provide some interesting insights about (1) when readers who are homeowners purchased their house or condo, (2) where DC’s gay neighborhood(s) is located and (3) where readers say they live.

When Did You Buy?

On Tuesday we asked readers who own their homes to tell us when they purchased them. The results were overwhelmingly tilted toward the past four years–61% of respondents said they had bought some time in the past four years.

  • Before 1981: 0%
  • 1981 to 1990: 3%
  • 1991 to 2000: 22%
  • 2001 to 2005: 14%
  • 2006 to 2008: 36%
  • 2009 to 2010: 25%

Where is the Gay Neighborhood?

On Friday, in anticipation of Gay Pride weekend, we asked readers, “Where’s the DC gay neighborhood in 2010?” Probably the most telling information is that a total of 39% of respondents answered either “Everywhere and Nowhere” (21%) or “This is such a 1970s question” (18%). What does this say about DC? Is it now so easy to be gay and live in DC that the need for a defined gay neighborhood is not a priority for many in the GLBT community? One thing is clear: Borderstan readers do not think the city’s neighborhood in 2010 is Dupont. If DC has a gay neighborhood, the winner is Logan, according to readers. Here is how respondents answered:

  • Logan: 38%
  • Dupont: 14%
  • U Street: 6%
  • Shaw: 2%
  • Nowhere and Everywhere: 21%
  • Such a 1970s question: 18%

Where Do Readers Live?

Our Borderstan Poll of the Week on the landing page was, “Where do you live?” No real surprises in the results with Logan, U Street and Dupont nabbing the top three spots, respectively, and totaling 67% of all respondents. However, we are pleasantly surprised to see the 11% who say they live in Shaw and the 7% who are in Adams Morgan (welcome, readers).

  • Logan: 28%
  • U Street: 24%
  • Dupont: 15%
  • Shaw: 11%
  • Adams Morgan: 7%
  • Other: 15%


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