Dog Day in the Circle: Pride of Pets Winners’ List

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PETS-DC Pride of Pets Dog Show Dupont Circle

Bella, a Shih Tzu puppy, took the Peoples Choice Best of Show award in the 17th Annual Pride of Pets Dog Show (Ilga Semeiks)

The Saturday temperature in Dupont Circle was relatively pleasant for the 17th Annual Pride of Pets Dog Show, but it was still a Dog Day Afternoon. The dog show raised approximately $1,500 for PETS-DC, according to the group’s director, Chip Wells. Owners-guardians-servants of 55 dogs paid a registration fee to enter their dogs in one or more of 15 categories.

The winners of the 15 categories (see listing below of all winners with 2nd- and 3rd-place finishers) were then eligible for the Peoples Choice Best of Show. The Peoples Choice award goes to the dog who receives the most support and applause from the spectators.

This year’s Peoples Choice winner was Bella, a Shih Tzu puppy, with second place going to Harley and third place to Lani.

PETS-DC Pride of Pets Dog Show Dupont Circle

The top 3 dogs in the Peoples Choice Best of Show category. From left: Harley, 2nd; Bella, 1st; and Lani, 3rd. (Ilga Semeiks.)

PETS-DC Pride of Pets Dog Show Dupont Circle Lupe

Borderstan’s own Lupe took 1st in Most Affectionate-Large Dogs Division and 2nd Place in Best Vocal Performance. (Ilga Seimeiks)

Bella won two categories to get to the finals: Most Affectionate-Small Dog Division and Best Puppy. Harley’s ticket to the finals was a win in the Most Mysterious Heritage category, while Lani got there with a 1st Place in the Most Obedient category.

Pets-DC always accepts donations and you can get information at their website on how to make a donation. The nonprofit helps care for the companion animals of people with disabling illnesses.

Note: Borderstan’s photographer, Luis, is away on business so we do not have an event photo album on Flickr. However, MetroWeekly will have extensive photographs later this week. We will let you know when they have them online.

Peoples Choice Best of Show

  • Best of Show: Bella (Mark Myers)
  • 1st Runner-up: Harley (Elizabeth Siddell)
  • 2nd Runner-up: Lani (Bernie Delia)

Best Tail Wagging

  • 1st: Tuxx (David Bronder)
  • 2nd: Lumumba (Latissa Mitchell)
  • 3rd: Lilly (Murray Smith)

Most Affectionate- Large Dog Division

  • 1st: Lupe (Matthew Rhoades)
  • 2nd: Bailee (Robert Fry)
  • 3rd: Lola (Susan Able)

Most Affectionate – Small Dog Division

  • 1st: Bella (Mark Myers)
  • 2nd: Bella (Dani Rovenger)
  • 3rd: Charlie (Elizabeth Rosendorf)

Best Mirror Image

  • 1st: Simba (Stuart Selis)
  • 2nd: Charlie (Elizabeth Rosendorf)
  • 3rd: Penny (Gautam Raghavau)

Most Obedient

  • 1st: Lani (Bernie Delila)
  • 2nd: Lola (Susan Able)
  • 3rd: Moose (Bob Rogan)

Most Original Costume

  • 1st tie: Bruce Wayne (Susan Johnson)
  • 1st tie: Frank (Che Rudell-Tabisola)
  • 3rd: Sherman (Greg Butler)

Least Obedient

  • 1st: Penny (Gautam Raghavau)
  • 2nd: Sherman (Greg Butler)
  • 3rd tie: Pierre (Lou Nayman)
  • 3rd tie: Foxie (Sue Elliott)

Most Mysterious Heritage

  • 1st: Harley (Elizabeth Siddell)
  • 2nd: Foxie (Sue Elliott)
  • 3rd: Scout (Lisa Fredrich)

Terrific Tricks

  • 1st: Pablo (Carlos Barillo)
  • 2nd: Foxie (Sue Elliott)
  • 3rd: Zeus (Buck and Keith)

Best Puppy

  • 1st tie: Bella (Mark Myers)
  • 1st tie: Zeus (Buck and Keith)

Best Senior Dog

  • 1st: Zoom (Alexandre Picard)
  • 2nd: Moose (Bob Rogan
  • 3rd: Bailee (Robert Fry)

Best Pairs

  • 1st: Sidney and Nestor (Jan Burchett)
  • 2nd: Tuxx and Marty (David Bronder)
  • 3rd: Diesel (Ann Trupo)

Most Glamorous

  • 1st: Diesel (Andre Dentello)
  • 2nd: Katya (Lance Salonia)
  • 3rd: Lola (Susan Able)

Best Vocal Performance

  • 1st: Moose (Bob Rogan)
  • 2nd: Lupe (Matthew Rhoades)
  • 3rd: Katya (Lance Salonia)

Most Adorable

  • 1st: Henri (Judy Grobstein)
  • 2nd: Zoe (Barbara McGrath)
  • 3rd: Lumumba (Latissa Mitchell)


PETS-DC is dedicated to improving the health and well being of people living with HIV/AIDS or other disabling conditions and their companion pets. We provide public health education, exercise, pet food, veterinary care, grooming, foster care, and adoptions services at no cost to individuals in the Metropolitan Washington area.


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