Affordable Art: Vastu’s $500 or Less Art Exhibition

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Vastu Cecile Oreste Luis Gomez Photos

Vastu’s exhibition of six artists lasts through August 19. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Cecile Oreste

Vastu is known for its contemporary furniture and interior design services. But, did you know it also houses a vast collection of works from several Mid-Atlantic artists? In fact, Vastu is currently hosting its first ever $500 or Less art exhibition with works from six artists, all priced at $500 or less.

According to Art Director Brian Petro, Vastu “likes to change things up once in awhile.” With the recession still affecting thousands in the District, he thought what better way to mix it up than to put together an exhibition featuring an array of affordable art.

“People are crunched for the extras in life,” he said. “This exhibition gives people who don’t have the budget the opportunity to purchase high quality art.”

Vastu’s Marketing and Showroom Manager Janelle Tracy added that the goal of the exhibition is to make art more accessible: “People often feel intimated about buying art for the first time. This exhibition gives people the opportunity to own art work that is original,” she said.

The exhibition features photography, wall sculpture, paintings and mixed-media works from two new artists and four artists who have previously shown at Vastu including Mid City artist Colin Winterbottom.

Allen Russ and Kristina Bilonick, also based in the DC Metro area, have contributed works to Vastu for the exhibition. In addition, you will have the chance to purchase works from DeMarquis Johnston, Rose Minetti, Gabriel Shuldiner and even Brian Petro himself.

When asked how he decided to group these particular artists together, Petro said he looked for high-quality work that is really unique. He thought about their previous work and decided on these six based on the variety in color and structure each artist would bring to the display. “I wanted to give people the opportunity to see more art. I wanted them to have more options so the exhibition features a wide range of styles and mediums,” Petro said.

Vastu Cecile Oreste Luis Gomez Photos

 From left to right, the works of artists Rose Minetti, DeMarquis Johnston and Gabriel J. Shuldiner (Luis Gomez Photos)

You can view the exhibition and purchase the works on display until August 19. For more information and examples of pieces in the exhibition, visit Vastu’s blog, Design Clique. Also, watch for profiles on Borderstan of the DC-based artists featured in the exhibition. (See “Kristina Bilonick: From Journal Entries to Screen Prints.”)


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