2D Police Report Another Spike in iPhone Robberies

by Borderstan.com July 20, 2010 at 7:42 am 1,598 0

iPhone Borderstan Dupont Circle MPD

The commander of MPD’s 2nd Police District issued another alert yesterday warning of an uptick–again–in street robberies of iPhones.

Commander Matthew Klein said there were at least six reported incidents over the past weekend in which the victim had the iPhone snatched from his or her hand while talking on the phone.

“In two of those cases over the weekend, the suspect first engaged the victims in conversation by asking if they could look up directions on their phones, then snatched the iPhones and ran off,” Klein said.

Klein also warned that it is not a good idea to leave an iPhone or other expensive “Smart Phone” lying on a restuarnat table, particularly outdoors. In addition, it is dangerous to talk on a cell phone while alone at night in an area where there are few other people around.

These types of cell phones appeal to criminals because they can be easily reprogrammed, or erased, and sold for quick cash. Klein issued similar warnings in Jauary and May. MPD’s 2nd District includes Police Service Area (PSA) 208, which serves the Dupont-Kalorama neighborhoods.

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