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Fenty Easily Wins Ward 2 Straw Poll

by Borderstan.com July 21, 2010 at 11:56 pm 1,032 5 Comments

Thomas Circle NW Adrian Fenty Vincent Gray Luis Gomez Photos

Thomas Circle NW: Fenty and Gray supporters outside the Washington Plaza Hotel on Wednesday evening. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Adrian Fenty Luis Gomez Photos

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Mayor Adrian Fenty easily beat challenger Vincent Gray in Wednesday night’s straw poll vote among Ward 2 Democrats. Fenty took 97 of the 163 votes cast (60%) and Gray got 63 votes (39%). Both the Dupont and Logan neighborhoods are located in DC’s Ward 2.

Both candidates spoke to the attendees of the forum, which was cosponsored by the Ward 2 Democrats and the Logan Circle Community Association. The event was open to the public but only registered Demcorats in Ward 2 could vote. It was held at the Washington Plaza Hotel on Thomas Circle NW.

Fenty picked up an important endorsement earlier this week when former DC Mayor Anthony Williams (1999-2007) endorsed Fenty for re-election. Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) is also supporting Fenty.

Vincent Gray Luis Gomez Photos

DC Council Chairman Vincent Gray. (Luis Gomez Photos)

  • DC John

    I find it more than amusing that my Ward 2 neighbors favor re-electing Adrian Fenty as reported on this site. On the same day, we have a story of Corcoran Street being torn up again for DC Water. This is Adrian’s city at its worse…departments not talking to each other and wasting OUR money. After he loses in September and leaves office in January, I would not hire Fenty to sell shoes in his parent’s store!

  • LaCaiRaine

    Thank you Ward 2 residents; although it was not an all out victory is was a favorable nod to the fact that residents “know’ that Mr. Gray has a message and plan for this city that is inclusive and not divisive.
    The tide has turned; many DC residents and outsiders felt that Mr. Fenty would sweep the Ward 2 Straw Poll because that is his base, however a victory of 97 votes to Mr. Grays 63 votes is NOT a sweep in Ward that has in the past been nearly 93-100% pro Fenty.
    Even those citizens can see that change is needed in this city and are voting for that change.
    The Gray momentum is growing by leaps and bounds and the strength of an informed and knowledgeable candidate outweighs rhetoric, strong-arm bullying by Mr. Ronald Moten (who was conspicuously absent last night) and race-baiting cannot mute a message of true educational reform (birth -24 yrs); economic development (bringing business development to underserved communities and focusing on hiring DC residents) and public safety (truly supporting our first responders, MPD, Fire/EMS and Homeland Security). Mr. Gray’s message on Healthcare in the District is also a salient point that Mr. Fenty has no concrete answers on. I think Mr. Fenty’s blackberry must be broke, he has not been informed or crisp on any of the above mentioned issues when face to face debating.
    Mr. Gray, keep your message strong and knowledge of the issues as in-depth as they have been at each of the Forums and the citizens will listen and reward your knowledge with a Victory at the polls on September 14. Knowledge, Skill and Ability will always trump, reading from a blackberry, riding your predecessors coat-tails, and pandering to a racial divide in this city.

  • Taboo

    @ LaCaiRaine: It is not the role of the DC government to hand out jobs to people simply so they can have a job. The job of the DC government is to provide services to the people. I am all for spending billions on education and health care and infrastructure.

    I am NOT in favor of going back to the Barry days of putting every possible person on the city payroll — even though most of them had nothing to do and didn’t even show up for work. We tired that for decades and it destroyed this city. The pressure on Gray to go back to the Barry era is already intense and I think it will be very hard for him to say “no.”

    I think Gray is a nice man, but that is not the point. I am not electing a neighbor. I am electing a mayor. I am sticking with Fenty.

  • J

    @DCJohn: “departments not talking to each other and wasting OUR money” Actually street tear-ups fitting that description were far more prevalent, in my experience, prior to AF’s tenure. And I see examples of agencies vastly improving their communications, both with each other, and with we residents. And if you’re talking lack of coordination between agencies and then WASA and Wash Gas, or Pepco, hello, some of those simply aren’t under mayoral control. Relations between DC gov’t and WASA have improved vastly over last 8 months, however.

  • Ward 2 voter


    You voiced my 2-voter household’s thoughts exactly. D.C. is finally, FINALLY making some headway in many respects, and we plan to stick with the progressive, “big-picture” leadership that’s making it happen.


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