Reader Poll Gives Fenty 8-Point Lead

by August 1, 2010 at 7:49 pm 1,633 2 Comments

In an unscientific online poll of 391 Borderstan readers, incumbent Mayor Adrian Fenty bested challenger and Council Chairman Vincent Gray. Fenty got 48% of reader votes to 40% for Gray.

Readers could pick either frontrunner, declare themselves Undecided or vote to “Bring back Anthony Williams,” DC mayor from 1999 to 2007. We included Williams in the poll just to see what kind of support her might garner; he has endorsed Fenty.

The results:

  • Adrian Fenty: 48%
  • Vincent Gray: 40%
  • Anthony Williams: 9%
  • Undecided: 3%

Who will those 9% who picked Williams vote for on September 14? My guess is that the bulk will vote for Fenty, but that’s just a guess. Moreover, an 8-point Fenty lead in this part of the city (assuming most of the voters live in Dupont-Logan-U Street) should give the Fenty campaign plenty to worry about.

Another interesting facet of the reader poll numbers was the difference in the number of voters who said they were “strongly” for or “leaning” toward each candidate. Gray’s supporters were more locked in to their candidate. Of Gray’s 40%, a total of 32% said they were “strongly” for him and 8% said they were “leaning” toward voting for him. Fenty’s numbers were a bit weaker: 31% of voters said they were “strongly” for Fenty and another 17% said they were “leaning” toward supporting him.

Remember that DC has “closed” primaries. To vote in the Democratic, Republican or Statehood Green Primary, you must be a registered member of that party.


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