14th St: L & N Thrift Store Moves to Georgia Ave

by Borderstan.com August 2, 2010 at 9:45 pm 1,379 7 Comments

L & N Thrisft Store (Luis Gomez Photos)

It’s not really a surprise in a changing and increasingly expensive neighborhood: the L & N Thrift Store at 1830 14th Street NW has moved to a new location in a more affordable area. I noticed over the weekend that the sign on the door says L & N has moved to Georgia Avenue NW near Columbia Road.

The space is empty and–except for the large new Room & Board furniture store–there are no other businesses on the Swann to T block on the west side of 14th. As the neighborhood changes and becomes more wealthy, the customer base undoubtedly shrank as well.

It would be interesting to know what the owner is asking for the space. Last week the owner of MOVA Lounge at 1435 P Street NW told the Washington Blade that he was moving his business because monthly rent for the two-level space exceeds $25,000 per month.

What neighborhood is Georgia and Columbia NW? Google Maps says it’s Pleasant Plains, which is south of Park View, which is south of Petworth.

  • Can’t say I’m sorry about this move. This store was a little bit creepy and I didn’t feel comfortable shopping there. Hopefully we’ll get a great new vendor in there that fixes the place up a smidge.

  • can’t see how the move will help them that much. i mean, 14th street was (and maybe still is) in the process of being a destination for furniture shopping. sure, you could make a trip up to lower georgia ave. for this store, but random drop-ins from people browsing are going to be way down…

  • TwoCents

    I think high rents and taxes will drive lots of these smaller businesses out. I did not care for what they were selling, but a vacant storefront is not good either.

  • Ed Szrom

    I believe Hunted House, whose light blue door is in your picture, is still in business on the second floor of that building.

  • Alan

    A puzzling post. L&N Super Thrift already has a location at 3112 Georgia Avenue, NW (Georgia and Irving). Are they consolidating both stores into a new space, or simply closing the 14th Street store?

  • anonymous

    It’s actually not in Pleasant Plains, that google maps thing is incorrect.

    Pleasant Plains stops at Harvard St NW, it’s northern boundary. The new store is either in Park View or Columbia Heights depending on who you ask. (some say Sherman Ave is CH’s eastern most boundary, others say Georgia Ave.).

  • Ryan

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure Hunted House is still there. But lets not talk about it b/c I don’t need any more competition for my awesome mid-century modern finds.


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