Mystery City #18 (and Last Week’s City)

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Luis Gomez Photos Mystery City #18

Where is Mystery City #18? (Luis Gomez Photos)

Welcome to Week #18 of Luis’ collection of cities from South America, Europe, Australia and North America.

Last Week: Chichiriviche

Last week’s Mystery City #17 was Chichiriviche in the Venezuelan state of Falcon–the top choice of readers with 42%. The beach town is about three hours northwest of Caracas on the Caribbean. Venezuelans from Caracas and Valencia have weekend homes or condos there and it is a popular beach get-away. Of course, this being Venezuela, everyone goes to the beach and there are a number of other places like Chichiriviche.

It is a fairly small place and, like most of Venezuela’s beaches, the infrastructure is underdeveloped by U.S. standards. (When you have oil, you don’t worry so much about building Hilton hotels on your beaches.) I spent several days there three years ago with Luis and after the initial surprise regarding some of the town’s amenities, came to like it very much. A big bonus is the Morrocoy National Park.

Small islands or cayos, are just off the coast and local boatsmen will ferry you out to them for the day. The food is wonderful and there is one lagoon near Chichiriviche where people get out of their boats and drink and party in the water. Vendors come by and sell you food and drink–from their boat to your boat. In short, I highly recommend it, but Chichiriviche is not for those with a Club Med mindset.

This Week’s Photo

We will reveal the identity of #18 next Wednesday. It is an English-speaking city with right-hand drive.

Previous mystery cities have been Caracas, Valaparaiso (Chile), Sydney, Bratislava, La Paz and Santiago, Long Beach, Toronto, St. Louis, Valencia (Venezuela), Genoa, Colonia Tovar (Venezuela), Prague, Viña del Mar (Chile), Asbury Park (New Jersey), Mexico City and Chichiriviche, Falcon (Venezuela).

For Week #18, vote for your choice below.

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