Say What? 19% of Readers Have Law Degree?

by August 13, 2010 at 10:31 am 1,493 1 Comment

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We like running reader polls here at Borderstan even though we know they are unscientific. Plus, the ones related to elections are prone to “poll bombing” from people besides our regular readers. So we take the results with a grain of salt and enjoy finding out something about you and the people who visit us every day.

We just closed a poll this morning, “What’s your level of education?” and the high education levels of respondents were not surprising. We have a good idea of how well educated people are in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area: 40% of readers said they have a Bachelor’s Degree and another 58% have some sort of advanced degree.

But, the 19% who say they have a law degree did take us by surprise; even for this part of DC, the number seems astounding. DC has a reputation as a city full of lawyers and we have numerous friends, neighbors and acquitances who can put an Esquire after their names.

But, almost one in five of our readers are lawyers? Maybe lawyers are simply more likely to take online reader polls. One wonders.

Even the one-third of respondents who said they have a Master’s Degree and the 5% who claim a PhD did not shock us compared to the number of lawyers in the neighborhood.

Reader Poll Results

A total of 216 Borderstan readers answered the poll, “What’s your level of education?”

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: 40%
  2. Master’s Degree: 33%
  3. JD (law degree): 18%
  4. PhD: 5%
  5. LLD (doctor of laws): 1%
  6. MD: 1%
  7. Associate’s Degree: 1%
  8. High School Diploma: 1%


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