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Borderstan Dupont Logan U Street

News from Dupont-Logan-U Street NW. (Borderstan)

Who Murdered Robert Wone? We still don’t know, do we? The three defendants who were charged with obstruction of justice case in the Wone murder (all were residents of the house where Wone was murdered in August 2006) were cleared on June 29 of those charges (actually, what the judge said was that the prosecutors did not prove their case). Now comes the civil case, for wrongful death, against defendants Price, Ward and Zaborsky from the widow of Robert Wone. The editors at Who Murdered Robert Wone have details in their latest post, “Not So Fast.”

14th Street development: more details on S to Swann project. We’ve reported before on the five-story, mixed-use project that will go up on the west side of 14th Street NW from S to Swann Streets. The anchor will be the old Whitman Walker Clinic building at S Street. The buildings spanning the rest of the block to Swann will be demolished with work supposedly starting next month. DCMud had a good story Sunday about the JBG’s plans to partner with international real estate firm Grosvenor and notes that the 125 condos will be available in early June 2012.

New coffee house coming to 14th Street. 14th & You has the details on a new coffee house coming to the 1700 block of the west side of 14th Street: “Capitol Hill-based Peregrine Espresso is opening up an outpost in Logan, at 1718 14th Street in the space formerly occupied by Flowers on Fourteenth (who moved a few doors down to the former Cafe Salsa location).” Be sure to read their post because they also have details on a shake and burger place coming to the Dupont Circle area.

The Republican Party in DC is different. Indeed. Marc Morgan is a gay African-American Republican who is running for the Ward 1 spot on the DC Council. Sunday night he held a fundraiser at Cobalt (the gay club at 17th and R NW) and the entertainment was Latina drag queens. Notes The Washington Post in the D.C. Wire blog, ” ‘You normally don’t see Republicans that A, court the gay vote and B court the Latino gay vote,’ ” Morgan, 37, said.

Why the lack of grocery stores in DC? Name two corner markets in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area where you pop in to buy staples? You can’t, can you? Sommer Mathis at (formerly editor of dcist) looks at the grocery store situation in DC in one of her first stories for TBD: “Why are grocery stores in D.C. so crowded?” Mathis comes up with several reasons why there aren’t enough stores (resulting in overcrowding), but here’s the one that resonates with me: “The city’s stunted retail landscape explains some of the problem: There are very few of the delis and bodegas that serve denser parts of other big cities, like New York or Chicago. Here, it’s often a choice between dining out or hazarding one of the city’s full-service grocery stores.” Perhaps if DC were not rated dead last–51 out of 51 states–for small businesses, we might have more options in the deli and corner market arena.

Masa 14’s plans for a taqueria. Metrocurean has more on the one of the latest restaurant developments on the 14th Street corridor: “Chefs Kaz Okochi and Richard Sandoval are planning to open a Mexican taqueria next spring at 1819 14th St. NW, just a few doors down from their first collaboration, the Latin-Asian Masa 14.” Read the story for more details.


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