Funny, Fast, Contagious: “Noises Off!” Closes Sunday

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Church Street Theater "Noises Off!" Keegan Theatre

Final performance of “Noises Off!” is Sunday at 3 pm. (Keegan Theatre)

From Cecile Oreste at danceDC

It’s your last chance to see Noises Off! at Keegan (Church Street) Theatre–the show closes this weekend on Sunday, August 29.

I asked Michael Innocenti, who plays the character of Garry, to describe the production in three words. His response, “funny, fast and contagious.” If that’s not enough to convince you to see this show, read what else he had to say about Noises Off!

Oreste: I don’t usually enjoy theater (hypothetically). Why should I come see your show?

Innocenti: If you have no interest in seeing theater, then take this chance to see one of the best comedy’s ever written for the stage in a way that no film, TV show, or any other medium that utilizes a flat screen can provide. That feeling of being “live.”

At today’s prices, you can see a movie with concessions, for about $40 for two people while sitting next to people texting, watching computer generated images on a flat lifeless screen, or generally wondering how Jonah Hill keeps getting so much work. Instead, why not see live actors performing in an intimate space where you and a hundred other people are laughing their heads off? No other experience can replace being close to the action and knowing that there are actual people up there performing for you.

Oreste: I’ve already seen Noises Off! What makes your production unique?

Innocenti: I can say that, in line with all of Keegan’s shows, the intimacy of the space and the rawness of the performances give the audience a personal experience that would normally be lost on larger stages. Another aspect is the close working relationship that our cast has. Many of us have appeared together in numerous shows, which makes the timing and ensemble effort something that the audience can appreciate and enjoy.

Oreste: Anything else?

Innocenti: For people who have never seen Noises Off!, you can expect a flurry of word play and intricately staged physical comedy performed by an agile and exhausted cast.


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