What Do Saturday’s Events Mean for Borderstan?

by Borderstan.com August 27, 2010 at 8:22 pm 1,519 0

Lincoln Memorial Luis Gomez Photos

How far is it from 14th and P NW to the Lincoln Memorial? Get distances to downtown landmarks in the accompanying article. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The Dupont-Logan-U Street area usually receives some spillover when there is a major event in DC–a rally, a march, a presidential inauguration. Spillover means more people on our streets and in restaurants, and buses and subways more crowded than usual. In addition, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut Avenue NW are all home to large hotels, and the area has numerous bed and breakfasts for visitors.

Since no one knows how many people will show up for tomorrow’s two events–the Glenn Beck event at the Lincoln Memorial and the Rev. Al Sharpton counter-rally at Dunbar High School–it’s difficult to predict what if any effect it will have on the neighborhood.

Three Events on Saturday

The Beck event is called Restoring Honor and the Sharpton-National Action Network event is Reclaim the DreamThere is also a third event tomorrow: Celebrate the Dream. Organizers plan to erect a four-foot high sculpture with quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King on the National Mall near 13th Street NW.

Check out the TBD.com article that has details on tomorrow’s events.

Proximity to Landmarks

Ever mapped out just how close we live to landmarks in downtown DC? Take a look at the distances from a 14th and P NW, a major intersection in Logan Circle, to selected points. This is why the Dupont-Logan-U Street area is always affected, in some way, by large rallies, events and gatherings downtown.

Walking distance from 14th and P NW to:


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